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What did my ex mean when they said "we just drifted apart"?

How do I get my ex back?
I don't even know where to start!

I often get asked “How do I get my ex back?” If you've been asking yourself this question, you first need to find out why they left you. Now you might be saying that they gave you such and such reason for breaking up with you.

But the reality is that when people dump their partner, they often don’t give them the real reason why they want to break up with them. Instead they give a fake or "cover" reason such as:

  • We’ve just drifted apart

  • You didn’t spend enough time with me

  • You put your friends before me etc

The problem is that if you try and fix the “cover reason” for the breakup, you’ll get nowhere. You may beg and plead with her that you’ll give him/her more time but this won’t change the real reason why they want to leave.

All you’re doing is fixing a problem that wasn’t the real cause of the breakup in the first place. The real reason for the breakup would left go untreated and consequently your ex would have no reason to want to get back with you.

Why would my ex give a cover reason?

It might be that your ex deemed the real reason for the breakup to be beyond repair. Lets say for instance that your ex broke up with you because you didn’t like children and she intended on having a family some day.

She might decide that you’d never become a good dad and instead of saying this during the breakup, she might give a simpler “cover reason”.

She might do this simply so as not to hurt your feelings or subconsciously she might not want you to try and prove her wrong on something she believes to be true anyway. It’s like she’s deliberately making sure that you’ll fail to convince her to give things another try.

So what can I do to get my ex back?

In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” I show how to analyse a persons lovemap. A lovemap is a list of the qualities a person wants a future partner to have. Your ex has such a list in her subconscious, as does everyone.

Now as every person is different, everyone’s lovemap will consequently be different also. In my book I show how to analyse your ex's lovemap and use it to derive the real reasons why your ex might have broken up with you.

When you uncover the real reason(s) why they left, you have crucial information at your fingertips to get them back. Instead of working on false reasons for the breakup, you can target your efforts into the reasons that ACTUALLY matter to your ex and hence make getting them back significantly easier.

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