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How To Get Back Your Ex ...With Reverse Psychology

Are you thinking of ways on how to get back your ex? Do you think it is impossible? Well, I’ve got news for you. You can still get your ex back, no matter the circumstances, with the use of a particular method. This method has been proven to be effective for people who want to reconcile with their exes.

It’s called - reverse psychology. Now we hear this term an awful lot of times. But what is it and how can it help you get back the love of your life? Let’s start by defining what it is.

Reverse psychology is a technique that a person uses when he/she wants to convince someone to act his way by doing or saying things that are opposite from his intentions. In other words, you are trying to get something by showing that you don’t want it.

Can reverse psychology really help me get back my ex?

Yes. It’s like this: you are going to wage a psychological war with your ex.

Right after your ex broke up with you, he/she would expect you to beg and do everything to get him/her back. Let’s face it. You REALLY want the both of you to reconcile, but that would be the last thing that he/she should know.

However, you should make him believe that you are doing great. How? By following the following 2 steps.

The 2 most crucial steps to get back your ex

  1. Don’t communicate with your ex: Resist any temptation of calling or sending text messages and emails. Even if he/she initiates the communication, do not reply. Make him/her feel like you don’t miss him/her and what’s going to happen is that he/she will miss you instead. Also, your ex will start wondering what you’re up to and why he/she hasn’t heard from you since the break up.

  2. Go out and have fun: Okay, you’re really not expected to party because you’re most likely not up for it. But at least try to have some fun. Meet with your friends and go see a movie or a concert. Engage in a new hobby. Your ex expects you to feel down and probably stay inside your room crying. He/She will be surprised to hear that you’re having the time of your life and enjoying life WITHOUT him/her. This is also the time for you to catch up with friends and family who you weren’t able to see and get to talk to that often when you were still with your ex.

When you try to show your ex how strong and confident you are after the break up, he/she will suddenly find you desirable and will feel regret at letting you go. He/She will fear that you will find someone new and that would make him/her want you even more.

Take this time to look into you

While you are using reverse psychology, you are given an opportunity to become a better person. You get the chance to appreciate yourself more and discover some qualities you didn’t know you had.

Using reverse psychology is both easy and difficult. It is easy because it is proven to work. It is difficult because you have to have self-control and patience. Also, you have to know how long you should use this technique.

If you use this method for a long period of time, your ex might actually start believing that you really are doing great and that you wouldn’t want to get back with him/her. So just a piece of advice: use this method carefully and you will succeed in getting back your ex.

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