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How should I behave when I meet my ex again after the 3-week cut off period?

Want to know how to get your ex back?
But not sure what to say to them the next time you meet them?

If you've read some of my articles, you will be aware that after a break up I advocate cutting off all communication with your partner for a period of 3 weeks. This is a measure of time that will cause your ex to miss you but not forget about you and move on.

You will need to do some work during this 3 week period (as i show in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology") to make sure you can successfully induce feelings of love in her. I go through this in detail in the book. With this done, you will be in a strong position when re-initiating contact with them.

When the 3 weeks are up, text your ex and arrange a meeting with them for coffee to see how they're getting on. Keep the reason for the meet up simple and light hearted. Don't make it sound like you're meeting them in an attempt to coax them back to you. Having not been able to chat with you for 3 weeks, they will be open to the idea of meeting.

What exactly will we be talking about so?

You'll go into this meeting excited, nervous and worried etc about its outcome. This is ok as long as you display to your ex that it’s just a simple meeting and you don't come across as being needy ...and this means not talking about the break up.

Instead, you basically talk about what you're up to in your and their lives. The tension of having a white elephant in the room (the break up subject) will make the meeting sexually charged rather than being aggravating if you discussed the reasons for the break up all over again.

From here, there are a few rules you will need to follow at this meeting:

  • The meeting should be short: You'll have built up a powerful desire in your ex to chat with you again by breaking off communication for 3 weeks. At this stage, when you meet them, you don't want to stay talking with them for hours and bore them.

  • Watch your excitement: Meeting your ex again will be exciting but you don't want to show this. If they see you're over excited to meet them, it will set you up as zero challenge in their eyes and if your not careful could set you right back to square one again. Be calm, cool and confident.

  • Watch your appearance: This of course means not coming in dirty clothes and not having showered. But what i'm really talking about here is not having a drastically new appearance with trendy clothes and hairstyle like your auditioning for a new pop band or something. I go through some pointers in my book in this regard. Show up looking well but not over done, as over done points to over eager.

  • Don't worry: This meeting doesn't have to result in you both getting back together. It could happen but if it doesn't - don't worry. If you do end up in each others arms that’s all well and good. Even if they wanted to get back with you, there and then, they might feel awkward and unsure about bringing it up. Lightly kiss them on the cheek and arrange to meet them again in a few days time. You've displayed your confident and non-needy and you will have gained respect in their eyes for it, setting the scene for you both getting back together.

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