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How To Make Your Ex Want You Back ...By Uncovering Their Unmet NEEDS

Want to know how to make your ex want you back?
And make things like they were before?

First, you need to understand one key point on psychology. You need to understand that we all have our own individual wants and needs. What makes one person happy won't necessarily make the next happy. What motivates one person might mean nothing to the next and so on. Therefore to be able to make your ex want you back, you need to know the wants and desires that are special to your partner.

In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I show how there are two vital steps in making someone consider you as a potential partner. Firstly you need to identify the persons own individual needs in a partner. Secondly, you have to convince them that you're the one for them by matching these needs.

To get back together with your ex, you don’t need to act all nice or be loving to them etc. You just have to:

  1. Find their unmet needs and

  2. Then show that you're the one that can meet them.

This may sound easy but it requires some detective work on your part because people don’t openly reveal what their unmet needs are.

How to get back together by understanding an unmet need

Psychology is universal and this universality can help you get back together with an ex. You can find out what someone wants in a relationship simply by studying their mundane habits in relation to everything from shopping to how they plan their day. That’s correct :-) you can even get an idea of a persons core values by the way they shop! So how do you use it to get back together with your ex? Lets take an example of how it works:

One of my friends recently bought a top of the range sat-nav for his car. He was listing out to me all the functions on it that other ones didn't have. It even had blue tooth on it, how handy is that? he told me. When I asked him to show me how blue tooth worked on it, he didn't know! It turned out he didn't even want the mp3 player on it. So how come he bought that one when he could have got a basic one much cheaper? Basically the one he bought enabled him to brag about all the features he had on his sat-nav that others didn't.

So what needs do you think a guy like this would have in a partner? He would have a high probability of needing someone that:

  • Would think highly of him and satisfy his need of showing off

  • Was very good looking or came from a good background in order that he could show her off to his friends and be better than them.

Think back on your time with your ex, what characteristics did she display and how can you utilise this information to get back together.

How to get back together using the law of the crowd

If people like hanging out with you, it makes it much easier to get back together with an ex. This is because others liking you must mean you are a cool person to be with. It acts like a vote in your favour. So in other words you don’t actually have to be cool, simply appearing to be cool is enough.

Going back to the example of my friend who likes to show off. If you were a woman it wouldn't be necessary to actually be gorgeous, it would simply be enough to appear gorgeous to him. So lets say if other guys liked you and had a good time in your company, it would make you appear gorgeous to him. This is how the law of the crowd works.

To get back together with an ex, it all depends on how your ex sees you. If they see you as being able to meet an unmet need, then their subconscious mind will be drawn to you. If they don’t already perceive you this way, luckily their perception of you can be altered using the advice above and in my book. To get back together with an ex becomes much easier when equipped with the proper knowledge.

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