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I Want My Ex Back! - 2 Reverse Psychology Tips

Right now, you can't help but think “I want my ex back” over and over again. You might have heard several people giving you advices on what and what not to do when trying to win your ex back. Don’t do this and don’t do that. Have you tried them yet? Did they work?

Perhaps you might want to try using a very effective method of getting an ex back. Are you ready for it? It’s called reverse psychology.

Reverse psychology happens when a person persuades another with the use of techniques that are contrary with what he or she really wants. In other words, you’re going to show your ex that you don’t want him/her back when you’re actually praying for the opposite.

How to use reverse psychology to get an ex back

  • Do not make any communication with your ex: It may be hard but you need to have a great deal of self-control on this one. I am well aware that you are still deeply in love with him/her. Otherwise you wouldn’t have arrived at this page. Of course you still care. But communicating with him/her in any way would not help you reverse their psychology.

    By not contacting your ex, you are creating a curiosity on their part. They would start thinking about what you have been doing and why you haven’t initiated any form of communication.

    Days or weeks have already passed and still no call or text from you? Your ex will surely think about you a lot and find you more appealing because it seems that you are doing well after the break up. He/She might even feel threatened that you have already moved on and found someone new.

  • Go out and have fun: Spend time with your friends and engage in some recreational activities. Or go out on dates without actually intending to jump into a new relationship. Not only will you be able to enjoy and let loose, you’ll also be able to resist the temptation of calling your ex. And if he/she discovers that you actually went out on a date, he/she just might be hit with a pang of jealousy.

    Where’s the reverse psychology here? Well, I’m sure that you and your ex have friends in common, right? By enjoying every moment of your new single life, you’re making it appear to people that you are coping very well and are not even bothered by the thought of your ex. Necessarily, your friends would tell your ex how great you’ve been doing whether or not your ex asked about it. And by learning that you are happy, it will invariably affect his/her ego, especially if they initiated the break up.

    It would make your ex question how you could be happy and survive on your own. Suddenly, he/she will realize how strong a person you are and you’ll be more desirable to him/her.

Final thought on getting an ex back

Before making any effort in getting your ex back, think about yourself first. Is this what you really want? Are you a better person with him/her? Or maybe you just want to reconcile because you think your life depends on your ex?

The use of reverse psychology is not intended for you to give in to what your ex wants but to create a better you, with full confidence, maturity, self-control and self-respect which your ex will notice and admire. And by possessing these qualities, your ex will be more open with you and treat you with more respect as well.

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