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How To Know If You Should Get Back With Your Ex ...Or If You'd Be Better Off Without

Should I get back with my ex?
What's the right thing to do? - My mind is in a mess!

It’s important to carefully analyze things before getting an ex back. More often than not, a person wants to reconcile with his or her ex no matter what after a break up. But this is not a good idea because your mind is still clouded.

A breakup should be a time for you to analyse the relationship and see if it was really what you wanted. So often after a breakup, our ego is so bruised that we want to get out ex back even if we subconsciously don’t really want them at all. We just want to mend our dented ego and self confidence

Therefore, in this article, I want to give you a few points to consider to help you determine whether or not you should considering trying to revive your relationship.

Factors to keep in mind before making up with an ex

Before pursuing a “love is lovelier the second time around” drama, I want you to first contemplate the following, and then decide:

  • Why you broke up: Regardless of whether who initiated the break up or whoever was at fault, you must identify the reason for the split up. Was it because of irreconcilable differences? Was it because of a misunderstanding that can still be fixed? Was it because of abuse when you were still together? Or did one of you cheat? Analyse if the reason can truly be got over or would it be likely to crop up again in the future.

  • Recognizing the break up: It's easy to stay in denial after something very painful happened to you. But let me tell you that an important stage in getting over or getting back with an ex is acceptance. You must admit to yourself that you're on your own now. Unless you come to your senses, you wouldn't be able to think right and move on. Try to live your life and see the world without your ex before you finally try to see what life will be with him or her again in the picture.

  • Why you want to get back together: Is it because you feel good when you're with him? Is it because you don't want to see her with other guys? Is it because you've gotten used to having him around? Do you feel that you wouldn't be able to find another woman because you feel you're unattractive or unlovable or something like that? You should think carefully about why you want this and whatever your answers will be, it shouldn’t be for selfish reasons. Remember, a relationship is shared by two people. It's not only your emotions, wants and needs that matter. There is also another person who you should take into consideration. This is the only way to ensure a long lasting and happy relationship.

  • Communicating with your ex: This is necessary when you want to get back with an ex. If he or she is asking you to come back, find out what his or her intentions are. Sometimes when a person is trying to win you back, they can give you false hopes and make promises only to disappoint you in the end because nothing has changed. You should be clear with how you want things to be should you decide to get back together.

Final Thought On Getting An Ex Back

Bear in mind that you are about to make a very important decision, therefore, you shouldn't rush things. If you have thought about it for a long time and realized that your ex is indeed the man or woman for you and your feelings are mutual, then get back together.

But if there are signs that tell you why you shouldn't be together, then heed to them. Save yourself from spending time with the wrong person and from another heartache. It will involve suffering pain right now but in the long run, you might be a whole lot better off for it.

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