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Why Silence Is Golden After A Break Up ...If You Want To Get Your Ex Back

How to make someone fall in love with you

After having been dumped, the natural reaction is to immediately formalize a plan to get back together with your ex. However do you want to concoct your own hit and miss plan or would you like a proven system based on proven psychology? I hope you chose the latter rather than the former.

After a breakup, it can seem like the world has just ended for you particularly if you were in love with them. The reality though is that the month just after a breakup is the best time to win them back. It’s a golden window that you must take advantage of and do things the right way as opposed to making things worse. You may only get one chance at it which is why mistakes now need to be avoided.

In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” I show exactly what you need to do after a breakup to maximise your chances of getting back together with your ex. I show the importance of:

  • Unraveling the components of their lovemap
  • Analyzing their personality type
  • Remove any barriers they may have to loving you etc

So How Can I Get Back Together With My Ex?

Aside from what I go through in my book, other things you can do right now include:

  • Cut contact: The reality is that silence is GOLDEN after a break up.This may sound suicidal but it won’t be for too long that your ex will forget about you. This means you have to give yourselves an opportunity to individually reflect on your past relationship. You give each other space and time enough to consider whether you really value each other and should give the relationship another chance. The importance of silence after a break up can not be over emphasized.

  • Keep yourself attractive: Just because you broke up doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. All the more you need to look good and feel good so that when you do meet your ex again, your ex will get a good impression of you. Breakups can be devastating and take their toll on how people look physically. If you want to get your ex back, stay strong emotionally and maintain a good look. Improve yourself where you can and stay attractive.

  • Keep your cool: Patience is your key to winning your ex back. So absolutely no rushing of things or begging him or her to take you back immediately. As you wait, reflect on your mistakes in the relationship and realize how much it has become a reason for your break up. Once you get your ex back, avoid doing the same mistakes again or your relationship is likely to collapse the second time around. Also reflect on your good qualities that your ex really liked about you back then. Be prepared to show your ex that you still have those qualities he or she admired when you were still getting to know each other.

  • Give your ex a call: You'll only be doing this after approximately 3 weeks of silence. Start a light conversation as if you are talking to a good old friend you would wish to see again. Don’t act too excited though. Be casual. Say you would like to catch up on things over a cup of coffee. If your ex agrees, then that signals his or her interest in seeing you again.

When you are able to talk with your ex in a casual manner, setting aside the differences and the pain of the break up you had, then you are ready to win your ex over again. The same goes out for your ex. He or she will be ready to get back together with you. All this increases your chances of getting back together after a break up

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