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4 Terrible Ways To Get Your Ex Back ...That Only Pushes Them Further Away

Getting back your ex can be done a lot easier than you're probably thinking right now. You just need to have the right advice provided to you. You have to know the right things to say and the right things to do.

It’s important that you know what attracted your ex to you when you first met. Now, it’s easy to forget over time what you did to attract your ex in the first place. And consequently you’re probably doing various things right now that just don’t work to win your ex back. It can also be because you are so overwhelmed by the pain caused by your break-up that you aren’t thinking straight.

If you want to win your ex back, a good place to also start is to avoid making the same mistakes most dumped people do after a break up. You need to know what people do that don’t work at winning their ex back and then avoid them.

Avoid these Common Mistakes

  1. Trying to get your ex back by sending flowers or chocolates: Sending roses or chocolates and telling her how much you love her won’t make her want to take you back. She’ll only get the impression that you’re dying for her and that you’re desperate. Appearing desperate and needy only pushes her away all the more. Control yourself and have patience, no matter how much you want to reach out and get back together.

  2. Trying to get your ex back by begging and pleading: Don’t be like the rest in the same situation who lose their self-esteem and self-respect. Never think or feel that you can’t survive without your ex and keep on begging for him or her to come back. Refrain from constantly calling or sending your ex desperate messages. Saying that you’ve changed or promising to become better only makes things worse for you.

  3. Trying to get your ex back by acting like his or her servant: It’s usually the guys who do this. They think that they can win their girlfriend back by agreeing to do anything they tell them to do. It may seem like a selfless act to you, but you are just allowing your ex to use you. She won’t be easily convinced by such an act.

  4. Trying to get your ex back by making her feel guilty: Using the guilty approach in trying to win your ex back just doesn’t work. Or if it does, then you know it’s only guilt and not love that’s keeping you together. Sooner or later, it would fall apart again because love isn’t there anymore. Acting depressed in front of your ex is pathetic and should not be the reason for you both to get back together.

You need to be the same charismatic and charming person that he or she fell in love with in the first place.

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