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5 Little-Known Reasons Why Someone Will Delete You On Facebook

So you got deleted.
And the first thing you did was come here to find out why :-) 
But first, should you really consider this a rejection?

Before we look closer at why people delete each other from Facebook it should be noted that we are not talking about being deleted after an argument or otherwise angry confrontation.

That’s a different kettle of fish.

Here we are going to be examining cases where you’ve woken up and suddenly a friend has disappeared from your Facebook friend list …into the vacuum of cyberspace.

But should you consider this a form of rejection? Or is it something else entirely? To understand how this should be interpreted it is important to first understand what could ultimately drive someone to delete you from Facebook.

What caused them to do it?

People rarely act without an emotional charge behind their actions. No one would pick a fight with a stranger unless something bothered them so much that their anger levels exploded out of their control.

On a smaller scale we can see the same process at play when someone deletes you on Facebook. A person who was indifferent to you would never delete you. In most cases it is a sign that you have a significant place in this person’s mind.

Some ways you may have affected that persons mind include:

  • Jealousy: On social media people are often posting updates that portray their life in the most positive way. For others that stream of positive updates can lead to feelings of jealousy and the end result may be that they simply can’t stand to see your success anymore.
  • Inability To Confront Someone: Oftentimes people become frustrated and incensed when reading another person’s post but lack the courage to directly confront them. In these cases they often choose the path of least resistance and delete you rather than express their disagreement.
  • Retaliation For A Damaged Ego: I once saw a friend on my friend’s suggestions list and realized that they had deleted me. When I checked our record of communication I saw that I had many messages from them in my inbox that I had missed. Their fragile ego, possibly feeling hurt from my lack of reply, led them to lash out and delete me.
  • Attempting To Get Over A Breakup: It can be hard for many ex’s to get over a relationship when they are constantly fed updates about their former boyfriend or girlfriend. To help them get over this they often find the only solution is to delete their ex and avoid hearing from them ever again.
  • Oversensitivity: Some people simply get too upset when they see posts and updates that they don’t support. Often times overly sensitive people will take the step of deleting someone rather than dealing with the feelings and moods that these people’s posts arouse.

A person who deletes you is not someone who doesn’t care about you or finds you extremely boring …but rather is someone who you’ve produced a strong emotional reaction in.

In essence, someone who chooses to delete you is someone who has spent time thinking about you. If you didn’t occupy their mind on a certain level they would not care enough to delete you and at worst would simply be indifferent to you.

So why does it still hurt?

When people encounter problems and difficulties in their life they often attempt to find an explanation or reason. This is how our minds work.

But here’s something you MUST understand…

Sometimes these explanations are incorrect.

When people feel rejected they often connect this sense of rejection to negative things that they already feel about themselves. I call these “emotional nerves”. For example, a woman who feels unattractive will interpret being deleted on Facebook as a rejection of her looks.

In my book “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology …I show how blaming emotional nerves for the breakup can make that breakup significantly more painful than it needs to be.

For example, a man who worries about whether or not he is boring will assume he wasn’t interesting enough if he gets dumped. It is the presence of pre-existing “emotional nerves” and weak-spots like this that leads to hurt feelings. By understanding this psychological point, you can speed up your recovery.

The same goes for getting over being deleted on Facebook. In the future if you find yourself deleted off someone’s Facebook page remember that it is likely THEM who are feeling hurt and emotionally upset …so there is no need for you to as well.