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How A Past Failure Can Trick You Into Wrongly Thinking You Still Love Your Ex

Suppose that a girl failed to make any friends with her classmates when she was a small child. The result of this would be that her subconscious mind would always remember this and would always be looking for a way to correct things.

This is how the mind works.

However as the child would now be grown up and moved on, her subconscious mind would try to correct the old problem even in her new surroundings away from where the past failing occurred. Subconsciously she would be eager to establish good relationships with people around her and make up for her past failings. 

Compensating for ones past is a key part of psychology …and when it comes to understanding why we fall in love with the people we do, it is a key piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Tell me more…

You may know people who seem to have a need to make people love them. And perhaps a need to constantly make new friends.

With these kinds of people, there's a strong possibility that they have had an issue in their past and are trying to make up for their pasts by making their present better in this regard.

If their need to achieve such things seems unnatural …it will almost always be the case. It is the unnatural nature of their actions that is the giveaway.

The Subconscious Mind Is Always Looking To Compensate

With such a person, the subconscious mind remembers the past failings any time they enter a new relationship …and they try to correct the mistakes in the past in this new relationship.

The need to make people love them or make new friends never ends until they successfully prove to themselves that they are capable of doing what they have failed previously at.

If you are one such person, you will most likely be addicted to relationships. When you get broken up with, you will feel the urge to get into a new relationship quickly in order to compensate again for your past.

If so, you must ask yourself:

"Are you trying to prove something? Is your past bothering you to the point that you enter relationships just to achieve something which you have previously failed to do?"

It’s more common than you think…

Examples of how people can go out of their way to prove they can do a certain thing (which they couldn't do before) would include:

  • Example 1: A girl who tries to date guys having a different cultural background or differing beliefs because she failed to attract them in her past.
  • Example 2: Or a person who has a need to be popular among his peers because he was ignored as an infant.

People try to correct things about themselves, which they feel they have failed at in the past. Examples of this are countless but the underlying concept is always the same:

When a person fails at something, his subconscious mind will always try to make him succeed in doing it the next time the same opportunity comes along.

That's why people can become addicted to relationships, because they use it as a means to change their past.

Relationship Addiction Makes For BAD Relationships …PERIOD

I'm sure you've known a person who loses interest in their boyfriend/girlfriend as soon as they have confirmation that their partner is in love with them?

Why does this happen?

You see, they didn't start the relationship with them because they were in love with them. No. They just saw the relationship as a way to change their past. This is highly true of rebound relationships where the dumped person has a need to be validated by someone new.

Having been broken up with by your partner, you should now ask yourself -

"Was there something I was trying to prove by getting that person to go out with me? Was I using the relationship as a means to try and change my past in some way?”

And if you find yourself answering yes, then you know that it wasn't love. They were just a channel through which you were trying to change your past.

The First Step On The Road To Recovery

Millions of people everyday fall in love as a result of this mistake. Their subconscious mind tricks them into thinking they are in love ...when in fact it is just trying to compensate for a lingering past failure.

When you realize how your mind is tricking you like this, you have nailed down the first key step on the road to getting over your ex ...and doing so PERMANENTLY. 

Check out my book “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology” where I lay out not just this step in full, but the complete set of steps you need to take right now in order to get over your ex once and for all.