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How To Feel Better After A Breakup By Releasing Suppressed Emotions

Do you want to know how to feel better after a breakup?
ESPECIALLY dealing with the intense pain that comes along with it?

In this article I want to show you a trick for dealing with just this problem...

If there’s one over-riding feeling of a breakup – it’s the onslaught of the intense negative emotions that accompany such an event in a persons life. And not only in the negative emotions in and of themselves …but also at the inability to control those emotions.

It’s like they take on a life of their own ...and you are a prisoner to them.

Right now, don’t you wish that you are the one controlling the emotions instead of the emotions controlling you?

You bet!

A lot of us think that controlling our emotions is very difficult to do. But if you can make it a habit, it can become a natural thing for you to do. The more you control your emotions, the better you’ll become at controlling them.

But can I control them?

There are a number of different ways to control emotions when dealing with a breakup. In another article I discuss how to transform the existing emotions …so that you can change a negative emotion (ie the pain of being dumped and losing “The One”) …into a neutral emotion – one that doesn’t cause you pain and allows you to move on from your ex (Check that article out here - How To Get Over Breakup Pain ...By Transforming The Negative Emotions).

In this article I want to talk about suppressing the emotions vs expressing the emotions – two common ways of dealing with the pain after a breakup …but two ways which produce two very different outcomes – one positive and one negative.

So lets take a look at each of these ways. In doing so, you will have a better understanding of how your emotions are controlling you right now …and what you need to do to, instead, control THEM.

Suppressing the Emotions

You can hold down your emotions and attempt to keep others from seeing them. This is a popular strategy many people use when dealing with a breakup. They believe that they should be in control of their emotions by suppressing them, not by feeling and expressing them.

However, different psychological studies have proven this way of controlling emotions as being grossly ineffective. The fact is that no matter what you do, strong emotions can’t be held in. You may think you look okay on the outside, but your internal state is definitely being affected.

The bottom line is that suppressing emotions at best only produces temporary results …and i’m guessing you don’t want to only “temporarily” get over your ex – you want to permanently get over them. Right?

Expressing the Emotions

The reality is that expressing the emotions is not only more effective (and more healthy) than suppressing the emotions …but it is also far easier to do. A win-win-win situation.

How do we know that expressing the emotions is a superior way of relieving ourselves of the pain of our emotions?

Simple - mother nature says so. Expressing the emotions is an inbuilt design we are all born with. Every kid has a natural inbuilt design to do it…but we as adults have become conditioned by society into thinking is not an acceptable thing to do. We think we should just “put up with” and bottle our emotions ...rather than outwardly expressing them.

In this way, children are ironically more intelligent than we are!

Suppression Also Leads To Unhealthy Behaviors

Experiencing emotions and expressing them are essential parts of life. Not being able to express your emotions can lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Psychological studies have shown that these people are more prone to:

  • Developing an eating disorder
  • Practicing self-injury
  • Even committing suicide

So when it comes to handling emotions, mother nature knows best ...not societal conditioning. 

Next Step…

In my program “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology” I cover how to effectively express the emotions you are feeling right now at having lost “The One”. 

…Which will not only relieve you of the pain you are feeling right now …but allow you to get over this person in a far shorter space of time than would otherwise be the case.