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How To Feel Less Angry After A Breakup Using Psychology

Do you feel angry after your breakup?
Do you feel anger at your ex?
And this is adding to your pain right now?

The 5 stages of grief after a breakup that you must go through in order to get over your ex COMPLETELY are:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Did you catch number 2? If you don't pass the anger stage, then you won't be able to get over your ex ...PERIOD. So you must make sure you get past this stage.

I get many emails from people feeling anger after a breakup and looking for ways to release it in order to to forget about their ex. Breakups don't have to hurt longer than a few days ...however most people suffer much longer than that because they fail to release their anger.

In the book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I go through these practices and show how damaging they can be. An example of these wrong practices includes the person who has just been dumped unhealthily suppressing their anger.

Good break up advice includes channeling this emotional anger into helping you recover rather than hindering the recovery.

Releasing Your Anger Emotions

When you suppress an emotion - you feel angry. If someone said something nasty to you, you would feel more relieved if you gave them a good come back line rather than saying nothing and going home and being frustrated. From this we can see that even though you can feel angry about something, if you express it in the correct way, you can relieve yourself of this anger.

This principal can be applied to the pain you suffer after a break up. If you channel this pain correctly, you can make yourself feel better in a much shorter space of time than you otherwise would have done. However most people don't know the correct way to channel this pain. They:

  • Listen to sad romantic love songs
  • Visualize themselves back with their ex and having a good time with them
  • Daydream about being able to convince their ex to come back to them

These routines only serve to suppress your anger and continue your suffering.

Here's What To Do...

Instead of suffering and feeling helpless, you should pro actively take command of your situation. Instead of listening to love songs about being sad after a break up, instead listen to songs about being in control and recovering stronger than before. Listening to these types of songs will program your subconscious to interpret the situation as not being the end of the world. But rather that there's a future you can look forward to.

Also good break up advice includes not feeling helpless and thinking you need you ex back for you to be happy. Get out with friends and meet new potential partners who can make you happy. Don't allow control of your feelings to be dictated by others but instead take back control of your emotions. You can do this by:

  • Not thinking of your ex in a positive light,
  • But instead by thinking of your exs negative qualities any time he/she ex pops into your head.

This way you begin to associate your ex with negative memories instead of looking at your ex with rose tinted spectacles. I go through the complete volume of ways that makes a person forget about an ex easily in the book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology".

If you can't afford the book I go through a few examples on this website of the information available in the book. The most important piece of break up advice is to stop thinking of your situation in the wrong way. Only by doing this can you shorten the recovery time to days instead of months and potentially years.

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