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How To Forget Someone Who Broke Your Heart - Using Conditioning Psychology

Want to know how to forget someone who broke your heart?
Or how to forget someone who hurt you?
And left you emotionally in pieces?

Knowing the psychology behind breakups is key when trying to forget someone who broke your heart. Before I studied psychology, it would take me months to deal with a break up and they were months of torture. However, after having studied psychology and its place in relationships and break ups I found I was able to move on after a break up within days!

You must know the false myths that society has given us about love and relationships. Knowing these myths is key in being able to move on after a break up easily.

Most people don’t know this and this is why when people get dumped they suffer intense pain. They suffer much more pain then they should and find it difficult to move on after a break up.

Anchors Make Forgetting Someone More Difficult

In the book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I reveal what the myths are and how they can be easily broken. I talk about the area of psychology known as conditioning.

Conditioning involves the creation of associations or anchors between two separate things. This is particularly the case in relationships. You probably have a TV show or a song that always makes you think of your ex. When you remember one anchor, the other gets triggered automatically.

This is what prevents people from being able to move on after a break up. When they hear a song they used listen to while they were with their ex, they start to

  1. Remember their ex fondly and
  2. Daydream about being back together with them.

It becomes an unhealthy cycle of constantly letting yourself remember your ex in a positive light and this is why it takes some people months and even years to move on after a break up.

How can I use this to forget someone I love?

In the book I go through step by step the different anchors you have developed without probably even knowing you have developed them. I strongly recommend going to those same places you used go with your ex. Constantly experiencing one anchor without the other will program your mind to de-anchor that place from your memory of your ex.

An accelerant to help you move on after a break up, would be to think of your ex in a negative light when you go to these places. Right now, you've been dumped and this has put your ex high up on a plinth in your mindset. The next time you visit a place or hear a song that you used listen to with your ex, I want you to focus on any negative qualities you didn't like about your ex. Doing this will program your subconscious to dislike your ex and you'll see how easy it really is to move on after a break up.

Instead of thinking of your ex in a positive mind, you'll begin thinking of your ex in a negative light. This will happen to the point you'll be glad the relationship ended. The feelings of helplessness and depression you're feeling now in relation to the break up are learned emotions. Learned emotions can be unlearnt with the correct knowledge. Doing this will make it much easier for you to move on after a break up in future

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