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How To Get Over A Breakup By Examining Your Belief System

If you're having difficulty in trying to get over a break up, its crucial to understand that it's not losing your ex that's the problem but rather you're incorrect belief system.

What does this mean? Well, ever since we were young we were all moulded by the world around us to believe certain things about love, relationships and break-ups. In trying to get over a break up, its not that the other person was "the one" that’s causing your pain but actually things such as:

  • Your ego being damaged because you were dumped
  • Your confidence being shaken
  • Worried about being alone and whether you'll find another partner or not etc

In reality, there’s no such thing as "the one" as people can have many "ones" in their lifetime. There are any number of potential partners out there but right now you've become fixated on this particular individual which is making it hard to see past them.

So what should I do to get over a breakup?

Get out a piece of paper and list out all the negative feelings you've got right now and see how many are attributed to your ex and how many are attributed to your own bad feelings and worries. Writing it down rather than just thinking it in your mind will make it more concrete to your subconscious and make it easier to get over a break up.

For example, you might think your feeling bad in trying to get over a break up because you miss your ex. In reality, you might be feeling bad because you're worried about what your:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work colleagues
  • Enemies etc

will think when they find out you've been dumped. Furthermore, if you do have any enemies you'll be extra worried about them using your break up to gossip about you.

Here we can see that the root cause of your pain in trying to get over a break up has actually to do with your own fears and worries. In listing out the true reasons for your pain, you will see that your ex wasn't actually that important to you because your real pain has to do with issues that have nothing to do with your ex at all.

What else can I do to get over a breakup?

In my book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I go through in full how to get over a break up easily and get your ex out of your mind.

If you're having difficulty trying to forget your ex and get over a break up easily, I go though the psychological area of classical conditioning and how this can cause a person to remember their ex constantly after a break up. More importantly I show how classical conditioning can be broken.

I also go through the real reasons an individual can fall in love with their partner that have in reality nothing to do with their partner at all. These reasons are on the subconscious level and once you know them, you'll realise your ex wasn't as special as you're holding them to be in your mind.

Final thoughts on trying to get over a breakup

Finally, if you want to get over a break up completely and successfully, its important you get proper closure on the break up. The reason for this is that if you have even a 1% bit of hope that you can get back with your ex, this 1% will water your pain and make it grow.

This is one of the reasons people can still miss their ex even years after the break up. In my book, I show how to quench this 1% hope so that you'll never end up in a situation of failing to get over a break up even years after it's happened.

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