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How To Get Over a Breakup By Realizing They Were Not "The One"

Having difficulty getting over a breakup?

I know the feeling!

In my past, when it would take me longer than a week to get over a breakup, it was because I adopted the exact same wrong practises you're doing right now. The wrong practises that everyone who tries to get over a breakup does but shouldn't do.

Through years of study of psychology and dealing with thousands of people getting over breakups I know what works and what fails. I discovered the fact that you can get over a breakup and someone you love in a matter of days and not the usual months or even years! it takes some people. This can be achieved by doing things correctly to get over the breakup.

First you must realise that even though there are loads of things preventing you from getting over a breakup, one of the key stumbling blocks is having it in your mind that they were "the one"

But i really think he was "the one"?

People are programmed by the things they come into contact with in they're daily lives. We all have been programmed since we were babies through:

  • Our parents

  • Our friends,

  • TV etc.

about the type of qualities we would like to have in our future partner. This is called a persons "lovemap". It's the reason why we fall into love with some people and why we are effectively barred from falling in love with other people.

Most people aren't aware of the fact however that potential partners don’t meet all the specifications on a persons lovemap 100% but rather will only meet realistically at most a good three quarters of them. This is the basis of all strong relationships and it results in love.

Consequently there can be no such thing as the "one" because if a person loves another person who meets 75% of their lovemaps specifications, then by the law of statistics there are countless other potential people out there who can fufill this 75% too.

"The One" in other words is just a manufactured myth. In my book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I go through a number of other proofs which show beyond doubt that such a concept as "the one" has no foundation in reality but is just a myth created by TV, music companies and the media.

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