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How To Get Over A Breakup By Re-Wiring Your Belief System

Want to know how to get over a breakup?
But feel like your mind is in just too much of a mess?

Here's what you need to do to fix your mind right now...

Whenever I get dumped it takes me a couple of days only, to get over even the hardest of breakups. When I was younger and less knowledgeable however, it would take ALOT longer to get over a breakup ...and this applied even if I had been going out with them for a short while.

What has changed since these times? I am the same individual, I have my feelings and also my approach to relationships and breakups is nearly the same.

However, the one factor that has matured is my understanding of the dynamics of relationships and this crucially makes it easier for me to get over a breakup.

What's the best way to get over a breakup easily?

If I had to sum up the best methods to get over a breakup, I would say:

  1. Discount immediately what you have seen on TV

  2. Adopt realistic principals

  3. Recognise that needing someone is different to actually truly loving someone

  4. Adopt the mentality that there isn't any such thing as the "one" or the "soul mate"

Quick recoveries from breakups don't usually happen naturally. There are many factors that together make a quick recovery from a breakup not possible.

Firstly, there is a need that's unmet, that the other person is looking to fulfil. They might be feeling lonely and missing warm relationships in life. It could be his friends ignore him and he needs companionship. All relationships begin with these type of needs.

Then the popular media interferes and brainwashes peoples minds into making them believe that the answer to all life's problems is a magical quest of finding the "one". So how do you fix this situation so as to get over a breakup quickly? You have got to change the way you think.

Get over a breakup by changing your mindset

Lets take an example of this; if you find that in reality, you needed someone because you feel lonely in your life, then the best answer to get over them and the breakup, is to examine why you’re lonely and try and deal with that.

You should not try to get your ex back as the answer to being lonely. This will only prevent you from getting over the breakup. You'll see that you actually don't love him, but that you actually just need any guy that's half good to fix your unmet need.

In reality, if you got someone else to cure the loneliness then you would forget about the old boyfriend and get over the breakup.

Is getting over a breakup that easy?

You're probably thinking that it’s not that simple. You are saying,

"No, if that was the case, why was it him I fell for and not someone else?"

Yes it's true you cannot fall for just anyone randomly that comes along just because you're feeling lonely. However you will be in with a very strong chance of falling in love with any average decent guy who managed to barely pass your lovemaps specifications for a future partner and you would get over the current breakup much quicker.

But right now you may or may not have the next nice guy available to you and this is making the breakup hard to get over and making you long unhealthily for the guy that broke up with you.

Yes. Getting over a breakup can be easy but to do it you have to have the correct information about relationships. You should only begin a relationship when you truly love the other person and never for a wrong reason like having a need that's unmet that's bothering you. Only then can you have a healthy relationship and ever having to get over a breakup will be easy.

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