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How To Get Over A Broken Heart Quickly - By Understanding The Psychology Behind Breakups

Are you trying to get over a broken heart having been dumped by a partner? Maybe you asked a person that you liked out, but you were turned down? First off, self-confidence and mending a broken heart go hand in hand. Let me explain…

When people have just been dumped and had they're heart broken, they start examining things and look for a rational explanation for what has happened. This usually makes the broken heart worse because it causes them to look for something that's wrong about themselves. This seriously damages their self-belief and self-confidence. And hinders the process of mending a broken heart.

Usually, the true cause behind feeling broken hearted after a break up is the induced damage to self-confidence. In reality, in a high proportion of cases the reason for the break up may not actually lie with the person that was dumped, but rather with the person doing the dumping. A lot of people don't realise how prevalent this is in breakups. Understanding this key fact is important to mending a broken heart.

So how can I get over my broken heart right now?!

This article will reveal to you knowledge that the majority are not aware of. After you become aware and understand, you will find that being dumped is not as bad as it seems and will set you on the road to recovery and you'll be able to love again.

  1. Love And Compensation: It's important to understand that the individual that broke your heart is simply another human that is constructed of the same rules that make up all human beings. Crucial to mending a broken heart is realisation that what makes a human being love in the first place is the necessity people have to make up for or compensate for their own weaknesses.

    For example, if you had loved a person who has a methodical mindset, he might break up with you because you were too similar to his manner of thinking and he needs someone that's more spontaneous to make up for the rigid set manner of thinking he has. To mend a broken heart it’s essential to realise that although you can be intelligent and good-looking, the reason you were dumped was the fact your partner has a need to make up for his own personal weaknesses. You were not broken up with because of something wrong with or bad about you.

  2. Lovemap Specifications: Every person has a lovemap with specifications on it that map the type of people he will fall in love with. This means if a potential partner didn't match these special specifications, then they will never really be able to love that potential partner and this applies even if the rejected person was a really good catch generally speaking. Specifications of a lovemap can be simple things like "she has to be blonde, or he has to have muscles" and simple things like this result in breakups and broken hearts. If you don't match these specifications, you stand a chance of being broken up with even though there isn't anything wrong with or bad about you as such!

Get Over Your Broken Heart By Realising There's Nothing Bad About You

The conclusion is that there’s a strong chance that you have been dumped for any one of a number of reasons that are unrelated to you. Realising this can mend a broken heart much quicker. Right now you think the person that has broken your heart is superior, they are king. And this in itself is preventing your heart from mending.

But in some cases it could be more appropriate to feel sorry for the person that broke your heart because they might be lost in life and searching just for something to make up for his bad points instead of a person who might be a strong dedicated girlfriend.

Most importantly, you must be confident to get over him. Know your strong points and once you become strong enough, the fact of being dumped will not have the effect on you that's its having now. Your heart will only feel broken for a short time if at all before its mended.

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