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How To Get Over A Bruised Ego After A Breakup

Wondering how to heal a bruised ego after a breakup?
And get over the hurt ego of your damaged self confidence?
And what other people think of you being dumped.

Being able to get over an ex quickly and easily requires the correct knowledge. Most people aren't aware of the proper techniques and this is why people can take months or even years to get over an ex.

Such suffering is not necessary. In trying to get over an ex, your ego plays a big part. This is because the fact you have been dumped bruised your ego quiet a bit.

Most people trying to get over an ex don’t realize that it’s actually this bruised ego that hurts and not the break up itself. Therefore you can completely get over an ex but still feel hurt because your self-esteem took a battering by being dumped. Knowing why you have bad feelings is crucial in being able to get over an ex.

Avoid Becoming A Resentful Person!

Some people try to get over an ex by using revenge. They try and make their ex jealous or do some other thing to get back at them. This will not help you get over an ex. It will only cause you to be a resentful individual. The best way to fix your hurt ego is by showing your ex that he lost a great person.

If you do this by trying to make him jealous, he'll just think he's lost a hateful person and not a person worth being with. Direct your anger towards being a better person. Get fit, be confident, don’t look back and he'll realize he's lost a person he should have kept. To get over an ex, your ego is the real key and being hateful or manipulative wont mend it.

In my book " THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I show how not being able to recover your self worth or esteem after a break up can cause you to long unhealthily for your ex. Thinking you are inadequate in some way can hinder you from ever recovering. Most people don’t understand this key relationship between being able to get over an ex and dealing with personal issues.

Any other advice on how to get over a bruised ego?

I completely cover how to get over an ex and a damaged ego in my ebook. However if you can’t afford it I’ve included a few basic examples here and in other articles as a starter. To get over an ex, you have to dismantle the myths about love and relationships in order to be able to see the clearer picture.

  1. Get over an ex by discarding hope: Having even the slightest bit of hope that you and your ex could get back together will stop you from being able to get over an ex. If it’s not clear from the break up that things are definitely over then you need to find out from them. When your mind sees even a 1% chance of a reconciliation, it will block you from being able to get over an ex.

  2. Get over an ex by discarding memories: Constantly remembering your ex in a positive light will only cause further pain. Any physical thing that causes you to remember your ex such as pictures, CDs, clothes etc should be thrown away. Getting rid of this stuff sends a message to your subconscious that the relationship is definitely over. This allows your mind to get over an ex and look at other people as potential partners.

  3. Get over an ex by realizing he wasn't "the one": The idea of "the one" is a myth that has been ingrained in almost everyones mind. TV and the media are particularly at fault in promoting this idea. If you met someone new that ticked some or more of the right boxes that your ex ticked, then you will fall for them too. Therefore, there are many "ones" out there. However, believing that there's only one, hinders you from being able to get over an ex. You are tricked into thinking that your ex is irreplaceable when they actually aren't.

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