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How Get Over A Painful Breakup By Not Watering Your Emotions

Let’s imagine your feelings towards your ex right now as a seed.

And that everytime you daydream:

  • About your ex
  • About what it would be like if they changed their mind
  • About getting back together with them
  • About how it would feel telling your friends and family that you relationship is back on

…that you are watering that seed.

What do you think will happen after a while? After a while, with constant daydreaming about these things …that seed will grow and grow. Your feelings, and the torment you are feeling right now, will grow and grow.

Getting Over Someone Involves NOT Watering The Seed!

What you need to do right now is stop watering the seed. Now, this does not mean suppressing your emotions or suppressing the way you feel towards your ex. Suppressing the emotions will not help you get over your ex (Check out my article – How To Get Over Breakup Pain – Suppressing Vs Expressing The Emotions ...for more information on this).

It’s healthy to feel and express the emotions you have at having been dumped …BUT what you shouldn’t be doing is indulging in those feelings over and over again. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they get dumped.

When you do this, all you are doing is re-enforcing those feelings in your subconscious. You’re embedding them even deeper. And the deeper you embed them – the harder it is to later uproot them.

Feel, Express …And Let Go

If you stop watering the emotions right now …they will begin to fade. This is because emotions that aren’t fed …die.

So what you need to do right now is stop daydreaming about your ex. This is the hardest part of getting over an ex but putting this advice into action and sticking to it will result in success.

The main reason people fail at suppressing their seeds from growing is because they playfully throw a little water on it from time to time by day dreaming and recalling the happy memories they had with their ex.

Naturally if you keep watering a seed - it will grow. You need to cut its water supply ...and do so early!

But I can’t stop thinking about them!

In my book “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology” …I go through the step by step process on how to stop daydreaming about your ex right now …EVEN IF you feel you have a weak mind and find it next to impossible to control your thoughts from wandering to your ex.

This is achieved using what I call “The Rubber Band Technique” …which I go through in detail in the book. I know this is painful for you. I've been there - I know. But one week from now you will have experienced a positive change in your emotions that you had never thought possible before.