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How To Get Over Breaking Up With Your Best Friend

My ex was my best friend!
I'll never find anyone like them again!
They were "The One"!

If you've just broken up with someone you consider your best friend, the pain you will be feeling right now will be particularly intense because you will feel like this person is irreplaceable. But as I will show you, this is only a trick your subconscious mind is playing on you.

Right now you are probably thinking things like:

  • They were my best friend
  • He/she is so important to me
  • I can't forget him/her
  • I'll never find someone like them
  • I won't ever love someone as much again

Do these sayings sound familiar? At the moment, I bet you're saying them to yourself day after day. But I want you to ask yourself one question - have you ever been in a situation like this before where you have lost someone you loved?

If you were, then you know you had been wrong and that actually you were able to get someone else you loved just as much. If you haven't been in a situation like this before, then you don't have the experience to realize that you will actually find another person you love just as much as your ex.

The problem is that you just can't see that now. If you did, then it would be easy to deal with a broken heart. Once you find someone that’s just as good or better than your ex, you will love them and think you have found "the one"...again.

How to get over losing your best friend by understanding the psychology of "love"

Movies and love songs we experience in daily life give us a skewed version of love. It’s this skewed version that makes being able to deal with a broken heart so difficult. The love in romantic comedies and songs is full of imagery like "Love is forever" and "Love and finding "the one" are the most important things in life". 

The reality is that, actually these myths about love come from the fact that Hollywood wants to instill in us good emotions so that we keep coming back and watching their movies and buying their music. If they didn't portray love in such a way as to give us positive emotions, then they wouldn't make as much financial success. Positive emotions sell.

Because we have been bombarded with these ideas, we have naturally come to believe them and hold them as though they were fact. This partly explains why so many marriages end in divorce nowadays. When marriage doesn't live up to the expectations that the media has set for love and relationships, people assume they have married the wrong partner and so begin to look elsewhere to find love.

How else can I deal with breaking up with my best friend?

You might find yourself trying to fight the reality I am putting to you. If a person is brainwashed since they were a child on a certain matter, it would be hard to let go of it. This is only natural. But I want to share the following 2 points with you:

  1. People can have many "ones" in their lifetime: If a person marries "the one" they can still find a few years down the line that they weren't "the one". Then they begin to look elsewhere for a new soul mate. If you haven't been in love before or had someone you thought of as "the one" you will find trying to deal with a broken heart now that much more difficult.
  2. Other options make your ex less important: The reality is that if you understand that you will find someone just as good and better as your ex, it will make being able to deal with a broken heart that much more easier. Next time, when you start a relationship, you will see that it's the emotions that you loved so much and not your ex. This means your next partner can easily be your best friend and will most likely be the case as a person sbest friend is almost always the person they are dating.

In the book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I show how you can filter out the way we've been programmed about love. If you can't afford the book, on this website I go through some of the ways in the book we are programmed to think of love in the way we do. The more knowledgeable you become about relationships and love psychology, the easier it will be to deal with a broken heart.

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