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How To Lose Attraction For Your Ex Using Psychology

Do you want to lose attraction for someone?
Perhaps an ex that has just broken up with you?
And want to feel zero attraction for them afterwards?

If you want to get over an ex, part of your action plan should involve lowering the attraction you currently have for them (which is probably quiet high at the moment). One of the strongest methods you can use to lose attraction for them like this is the contrasting effect. If you use this on your ex you can decrease the feelings of love you have for them significantly. So what is the contrasting effect?

In a study of men who were shown a series of pictures of very good-looking women, it was found that the exercise significantly weakened the attraction they had for their girlfriends. This happened because, when the mind sees other better possibilities out there, it makes you regard your current partner as less significant.

It's like if you drove a nice sporty 3-year-old car. But then this years model was released and it was styled even better than your model. You would find yourself thinking more highly of that car than your own. Given the chance you'd take the new one above your own.

So how does this help me lose attraction for them?

This helps lose attraction for them because it shows that your ex is only important to you because you don't have any other options better than your ex available to you right now.

In essence you don't feel sad because your ex is gone, you feel sad because you're future is uncertain right now.

If however, you knew there was someone you could get that would make you feel better than your ex did, you would quickly forget about your ex and feel more positive about things.

What can I do to lower attraction for my ex?

As an exercise to lower attraction for them, I recommend going out and buying magazines of male/female models maybe even playboy/playgirl. Then:

  • Spend an hour each day in your room looking at the beautiful faces and bodies
  • Image how good it'd be to go out with them and make love to them
  • Recognise that you might miss your ex but in reality if you had one of those models, you'd pick them above your ex

Overtime you will feel much better about the break up and not be as depressed. Why? Well, what you will have been doing is training your subconscious to recognize that your ex wasn't the center of your world.

Being able to see a more positive future than what you're currently letting yourself see, will mend a broken heart much faster.

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