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How To Recover After A Breakup By Rewiring Your Emotions

Having difficulty recovering after a breakup?
And want to know how to recover after a breakup?
And get your mindset back to the way it used be emotionally?

If you were out running along the sidewalk and you saw someone walking towards you – which of the following two things would you do to avoid running into them:

  1. Stop dead in your tracks as fast as you could
  2. Or slow down, jog around them and then continue on running

The second one would be easier to do. Afterall, if you stopped dead in your tracks everytime you came across someone on the sidewalk it would make for a very tiring and unpleasant run. It would be much easier to maintain your momentum and simply jog around the person.

We can take the same analogy with emotions. Most people try to recover from a breakup by trying to suppress their emotions (ie trying to stop them dead in it’s tracks) …rather than simply changing the emotions course into a more benign, painless one.

What do you mean?

The reality is that emotions are not fixed entities.  They can be transformed. They can be transformed from deep pain (such as what you are feeling right now) …into more neutral emotions …ones where your deep pain no longer exist.

You can transform emotions in two ways:

  1. Labeling: To do this, talk briefly about the emotion, label it, and then let it go. For example, if you feel angry at your ex for dumping you, acknowledge that you are indeed angry, and label it such as “So, I’m feeling angry” ...then let it go. Labeling also works when using a metaphor or comparing two different things that have something in common. For example, if you feel angry, label it as “Anger is fire which burns you when you hold on to it.” When you do labeling, it makes it easier to let go of the emotion. What you’re effectively doing is expressing the emotion …rather than trying to suppress it.
  2. Reframing: This entails interpreting the same set of facts or circumstances in a different way. This effectively lessens the strong emotions such as the deep pain you are feeling right now.The logic behind this strategy is that how emotions affect you depends on how you classify the event. Instead of labeling things as “terrible”, “bad”, or “horrible”, you can use a more positive labeling like “the good thing is”, “I learned a lesson”, or “it’s useful”.

My personal favorite when trying to recover after a breakup?

As an NLP practitioner, I find reframing the emotions to be the more effective strategy. In my program “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology” …I include a video course which goes through 3 of the most effective reframing techniques that will not only relieve you of your intense pain right now …but do so in a way that permanently removes it.

The 3 techniques are:

  1. The Empty Chair technique
  2. The Rewind Technique
  3. The Book Burning Technique

But reframing painful events is not easy. You see, it’s like redirecting or re-editing something that you’ve always viewed or known.

This is why I’ve included these techniques in video format so that you can visually see the techniques being done …which makes it far easier for you to then implement those techniques AND get the results from them.

Want more info?

Yes, can beliefs and concepts like "The One" be reframed like this?