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How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex If Everything Keeps Reminding You

I can't stop thinking about him!
I can't stop thinking about her!
How can I stop thinking about my ex?

A key area in healing a broken heart is the proper understanding of anchors and how they work. Anchors are a little known concept amongst the general public but are an important component of neurological linguistic programming.

If you've read through my site you'll have an idea of anchors and what they are about. However I’d like to examine here in more detail how they are formed. By understanding this, you will have a better ability in being able to remove them and be successful in healing a broken heart.

Healing a broken heart by anchor removal

If you've ever owned a dog you will know that they become quiet accustomed to the word "walk" when you intend to take them for a walk. If every time you are about to take them out for a walk and say the word "walk" to them they will associate the word "walk" with being taken out in the fresh air and getting a bit of exercise.

From then on, anytime you say the word "walk" to them they will bounce around in excitement because they know they are about to be taken out. They form an anchor between you saying, "walk" and getting out for one.

Following on from this, if you kept saying the word "walk" to them and then don't take them out for a walk they will gradually get less and less excited each time you say that word to them because they know it doesn't mean you are taking them out anymore. Eventually they will give no reaction to the word at all.

So how does this help you in healing a broken heart? It crucially shows that anchors can be broken. When one anchor keeps happening without the occurrence of the second one, then the association between the two are broken.

What anchors do i have to destroy in healing a broken heart?

You will naturally have build up many anchors over time that cause you to remember the one who broke your heart. You probably have a certain:

  • TV show

  • Date on the calendar

  • Song that when you hear it, causes you to think about that person.

In healing a broken heart it's important to know that these anchors, that prevent you from forgetting about the one you love, can in fact be broken. Just like the anchor the dog had between the word "walk" and being taken out, was broken.

If you keep experiencing one anchor repeatedly without the other one happening you will begin to stop remembering your ex. For example, each time you hear that song. Understanding this concept and how it works is a key aid in healing a broken heart.

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