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How To Stop Your Subconscious Mind From Still Loving Your Ex

It might not fit the ideal of love we see in the Hollywood rom-coms, but the reality of love is that it is, in the most instances, a combination of wants and needs which include:

  • Wanting to bury unresolved problems or things we haven't dealt with in our lives.
  • Wanting to keep our pride intact.
  • The need to make up for our own personal weaknesses.
  • Trying to change our past by succeeding now at something we failed at previously.
  • Seeking approval from others and having a feeling of "belonging".
  • The desire to be close to a person who looks similar to someone we already know and like.
  • The need for love because we don't have love at that particular time.

I go through these in more detail in my book: “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology”.

What does this mean?

The point here is that, unfortunately most people who fall in love don't realize they're falling in love because of things relating to themselves …as opposed to reasons that actually relate to the other person.

This is a big reason why most relationships fail.

People don't love each other - they just fall in love with someone in an attempt to restore an unbalance they have in their lives.

So what is “true love” then?

True love or unconditional love however is love that's unrelated to the person themselves …but has all to do with the other individual.

It's a deeper kind of love.

It's like a mothers love for her child.

Now in any relationship, unconditional love and conditional love both exist. However both parts don't necessarily come in equal amounts. The larger the percentage of conditional love in relation to unconditional love, the farther from a healthy sustainable relationship you are.

Most people are in relationships with a much bigger share of conditional love and therefore cannot be considered true love as their love for each other depends on outside conditions.

People think they are in "true love" with someone ...while in reality outside factors are in play and they are in need of compensating.

Why does my mind trick me into thinking I’m in love?

As I go through in my book “THE ERASE CODE” - your subconscious mind will always try to protect you.

That’s its goal.

You see, we all have weaknesses, vulnerabilities and past unfinished business. The subconscious mind reasons it’s easier to trick you into thinking you are in love with someone (who can compensate for these weaknesses) …rather than trying to deal with those weaknesses in and of themselves (which is a difficult thing to do).

It wants you to believe that you were “destined” to be with this person (so that you will do your best to get with this person) ...when in reality all it's doing is trying to cover over any past weaknesses or failures that you may have.

It hides the real reasons and unresolved issues that made you love the other person and tricks you into thinking you really do love that other person.

But there’s a problem …a BIG problem

While your subconscious mind reasons it’s easier to make you think you’re in love with this other person rather than have you tackle your unresolved issues …when a breakup occurs, the result is massive pain.

...BIG time. 

You see, your subconscious mind only works in the present. It can’t comprehend the future. It only works to protect you in the “here and now” …and doesn’t work to protect you in the future.

It doesn’t allow for a situation where this other person might break up with you (ending their compensation for your unresolved issues).

Then when a breakup does occur, you are left feeling broken hearted at having lost “The One” …a “great” person that your subconscious has tricked you into thinking you are deeply in love with.

So how do we fix this situation?

Simple - by becoming aware.

You need to realize how your mind has tricked you into becoming attached to this other person. Then (and only then) will your exs grip on you begin to loosen.

This is what my book “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology” is all about. It shows you the real reasons why you are attached to your ex …and then dismantles these reasons one by one, until you come to a point where you no longer feel anything for your ex.

Not only that, but on pg80 of that book, I reveal an exercise which proves that the love you think you have for your ex is not true love …but the lesser form of love called conditional love (which is not real love).

When you go through this exercise, the pain you are feeling right now will be reduced dramatically. This is only one of the exercises in the program that will allow you to get over your ex in a matter of only days …rather than the months and years it takes most people.