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How To Reduce The Intensity Of Love For Your Ex By Realizing Loves Feebleness

When trying to get over your ex (and ease the horrible pain which accompanies such an event), you first need to understand a key point about the feelings you have for your ex.

You need to understand something about the “love” you have for them.

As I go through in my book “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology” …people often fall in love at first sight because that person bears a resemblance to someone they loved before, someone that they used to have positive emotions with.

Often the person doesn't even notice that this is why they like this new person, yet fall in love with them without any apparent reason. When they can’t think of a reason they put it down to “fate” or “destiny”.

The Subconscious Tricks You Into Thinking You’re In Love

Here the persons subconscious will recall the happy times they had with the person that looks like this new person …and so will reason that maybe you'll have good times with this new person too.

This is a classic example of how feeble love is.

We can conclude that one reason why people fall in love is the subconscious minds attempts to bring you closer to someone who might make you happy. In my book, I go through the full set of reasons why we fall in love with the people we do.

When you know all these reasons, and then apply them to your situation with your ex …it makes it significantly easier to forget about them …and do so in a much shorter space of time than would otherwise be the case.

You don't have to endure the months and years it takes some people to recover. 

But Loves Feebleness Doesn’t Stop There…

In addition, not only can you fall for someone just because they look like someone that you had positive emotions with in your past, but you can even fall in love with someone just because they might:

  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Or physically carry themselves

…in a similar way as the other person you liked.

Ever since we were children, we were led to believe that love is a magical thing based on “fate” and “destiny”. The reality is that love is simply a result of your subconscious minds attempts to give you positive emotions.

And it looks for any way it can to achieve this goal.

When you realize just how feeble love really is (and how your subconscious led you to falling in love with your ex in the first place) …it becomes easy to unlock the love you have for them, and free yourself from it.