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Does a “magic feeling” on first meeting someone mean that they are “the one”?

The subconscious mind works in a very simplistic manner. This fact has been the cause of many forms of discrimination and incorrect beliefs down through the ages such as some people thinking that:

  • Old people are of no use to society

  • Black people are more likely to get involved in crime than white people

  • All people from a certain part of town are untrustworthy

  • Teenagers are noisy and disobedient

  • Confusing people of some religions with terrorism etc.

The subconscious mind forms an opinion even if you don't consciously do it. Now I’m not saying you hold any of the above beliefs but these are just some examples of how peoples subconscious mind can get the better of them.

One very common such misinterpretation is the way some peoples subconscious minds can make the assumption that: People who look the same physically, might have the same personality type.

What does this have to do with “feeling a connection” for someone?

Have you ever noticed that if you saw an individual in the street who looked like someone from your past that you didn't get on with - you'd probably take an immediate dislike to him and not want to interact with him? The opposite also holds true - if he looks like someone from your past that you really liked being around then you'd immediately give him the credit of possibly being someone that'd also be great to be around.

This is a bizarre situation. This new person earns an immediate good or bad first impression, regardless of how they actually are. They get it simply based on an experience from your past that is completely unconnected to them as a person or their personality.

The subconscious mind draws on its bank of information that it's experienced to date and tends to associate peoples looks with their personality. This is why you can form a positive first impression of a person despite not actually knowing them at all. Here the subconscious is working away in the background while you're completely unaware of it.

So they reminded me of someone from my past?

Well, consider this: What would happen if you met a person that looks like a person from your past that you loved? Wouldn’t you like them too? And the strange thing is that you will want him to be great even if he isn't just so you can relive the positive emotions you had with the first one you loved. Not only will you like him but chances are that you’ll also start falling in love with him and want to begin a romantic relationship.

Some people can fall in love with someone simply because they have the same physical and facial features as their ex. They may never even realize that this is why they fell for them. The only thing the subconscious cares about is that it has now found someone from your present that it thinks might give you the same positive influence as someone from your past has done before. It thinks the same good emotions will be invoked again.

This shows us that we have to be careful about feeling a “magic connection” or feeling for someone on first meeting them. While they may cause us to feel happy, if they are only doing this because they resemble someone from our past, we could be beginning a relationship with someone that is either good or bad for us. Beginning a romantic relationship on a “magic feeling” alone is a recipe for disaster. So make sure there is more to go on that just a “feeling”.

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