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The Right (And Wrong) Way Of Keeping Busy After A Breakup

Want to know how to keep busy after a breakup?
Or stay busy after a breakup?
So you can numb the intense pain you are feeling?

Yes, a good way to handle getting over heartbreak is to be busy doing things you like. This may seem obvious but it’s actually a very powerful way of coping with any tough situation.

However there's a wrong and right way to keeping yourself busy right now. The wrong way can be counter productive and not help you in being able to handle a break up.

What's the wrong way?

Ask yourself this, do people have more patience when:

  1. They are at home watching TV or
  2. When they are trying to meet a deadline at work?

Obviously a person will have more time when at home and therefore have more patience. Having patience becomes hard for a person when they have a lot of things that need doing and they don’t like having to do them.

Therefore, you should take a break from college or work for a few days so that you can occupy yourself with activities which are fun and enjoyable rather then ones that are obligatory such as college and work. You'll find it much easier to handle a break up if you don’t have a lot of obstacles in your way like work schedules or college assignments.

Pick the correct things to keep your mind busy and not ones that will add to your already stressful situation. This will make it easier to handle a break up but it’s obviously not a complete solution to your suffering. In my book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I show the steps you need to take that will program your mind into getting over a break up with ease.

I show how you can turn around the things that cause you to constantly remember your ex, and make those same things cause you to dislike your ex. I also explain how hope can prevent you in being able to handle a break up.

Hope prevents me being able to handle a break up?

Yes. People generally think of hope as a positive trait. However hope can work as a negative characteristic and prevent you from being able to handle a break up. The main reason that people suffer from a break up long after it has happened is because they hold on to a 1% hope that they might get back together with their ex some day.

They daydream about how great it would be to be back again with their ex. This stops people being able to handle a break up. Once the subconscious mind has any bit of hope in it, it will block you from being able to recover and your continued suffering is assured.

If it was not clear from the break up that things are definitely over, then you need to ask your ex and get confirmation of the situation. Once you acknowledge that the relationship is definitely over, your subconscious mind will begin the process of moving on. Until the mind is able to handle a break up, neither will the person be able to handle a break up. The two go hand in hand.

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