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3 Causes Of Obsessive Love - Do They Apply To You?

What causes obsessive love?
What causes love to be so out of control?
Can it be fixed?

Obsessive love will not only threaten the stability of a relationship but will also increase the pain that a person feels when a break up occurs. Basic psychology stipulates that knowing the root cause of a problem is critical in solving it. This principle should be applied to obsessive love.

Obsessive love is in essence an addiction - an addiction to love. To treat addiction we must first examine what causes the person to go out and seek what they have become addicted to. Obsessive love can occur as a result of:

  1. Feeling down: A person that is feeling down is more susceptible to falling in love because they want someone to relieve them of their pain. If a person feels down enough, this love turns to obsessive love.
  2. Low self-confidence: A person with low self confidence will always need someone to care about them so that they feel worthy. We all want someone to care about us but people with obsessive love have an unhealthy amount of this want.
  3. Poor social life: A person with a poor social life, and not many friends, can have a tendency to rely heavily on their partner to provide them with that missing social life. Again, this dependency can lead to obsessive love.

In my book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I go through how to get over someone you love by understanding the root causes of love. Love can occur for any one of the above reasons but there are a whole range of other factors, which I go through in the book.

What to do about obsessive love

If you see that your obsessive love is as a result of one of the above reasons, you need to tackle that reason. If you work on your unsolved issues successfully you can turn obsessive love into a more mature, healthy love. If you, for example, had a poor social life a healthier option than relying on your partner would be to join a sports club or organization so you get to meet and hang out with more people.

If you deal with the root causes of obsessive love then you will over come it and have a much healthier relationship. If you already have a partner then you will want to take action now to ensure your obsessive love doesn't cause further damage and cause them to leave you.

If you're single, you must also work on your unsolved issues so you can choose a partner better in future rather than picking one that you feel could wall paper over any personal issues you have.

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