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What To Do After A Breakup If You Feel Completely Lost

Wondering what to do after a breakup?
And what not to do after a breakup?
Because you feel completely lost?

If you have just been broken up with and don't know where to begin, in this article I'm going to give you 2 main things you need to do right now to begin with. This will allow you to see at a glance what you need to do to get over the breakup quickly.

To heal a broken heart you will need to take back control of your emotions and your life. Right now, your emotions (and indeed your sanity) are tied to the individual who dumped you. You need to take these back to heal a broken heart.

Feeling and being in control, is the trait of a confident person. So to work on regaining control, you'll need to work on your confidence. Right now your lack of control is making you helpless and feel depressed. These in themselves will cause you even further pain making trying to heal a broken heart more difficult.

So how can I get back control of the situation so as to heal a broken heart more effectively? The answer is you will need to find, and work on, a solution. If you had a solution to a problem you wouldn't feel helpless about it, instead you'd feel empowered.

So what’s the solution to heal a broken heart?

If you take control of the situation you're in, you will be able to heal a broken heart much quicker than if you stand around doing nothing and hoping the pain will just go away.

If you do nothing, your pain will only develop into depression. You may or may not already be in that place right now. In any case, you will still be able to heal a broken heart if you do the following:

  1. Examination: Examine why you are feeling helpless and why you are finding it so hard to heal a broken heart. In the book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I go through the reasons that cause some people never to be able to heal a broken heart properly. False ideas such as your ex being "the one" or "soul mate" can render a person hopeless because they feel they will never meet someone as good as their ex again. In the book, I go through exactly how there is no such thing as "the one".
  2. Action: When you have the full facts at your disposal on why you're finding it so hard to heal a broken heart, only then can you act. This is because only then will you know exactly what you have to do and how to do it. Also, the quicker you act, the less chance your pain has to grow and fester. If you kill it early you will consequently recover and heal a broken heart much quicker.

People end up feeling helpless because they let their problems accumulate rather than tackling and solving them. Each problem you encounter in life should act as a motivation to learn new things and improve your mentality, making further problems down the line either non-existent or much easier to deal with.

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