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When should I tell friends and family I’ve been dumped?

What will my friends and family think of me being dumped!
I'm worried what they'll think of me!
This is only adding to my pain!

Want to know how to get over being dumped? And do so in a manner that facilitates getting over it QUICKLY? How you tell others about the breakup can make a BIG difference.

Here's how...

It feels horrible thinking what others will think about us being dumped. And this only adds to the pain of what is already a very painful event in ones life. This is our pride talking and the need to protect it is a basic human need.

The best way to ease this pain however is to bite the bullet and let everyone know straight away that your relationship has ended. Remember, a plaster that’s pulled off quickly in one fast swipe hurts a lot less than one that’s pulled off slowly.

Telling everybody straight away that you've been dumped means that you're getting all the pain of your dented pride out of the way – straight from the beginning. It's done and dusted. And it's better to be done in one piece like this rather than by telling people one by one over an extended period of time.

But I don’t care what people think of it!

You may say that, but the reality is that everyone to one degree or another cares about what other people think. And especially what they will think about them being dumped by their boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you genuinely don’t care what other people think of you being dumped, then I want to be clear – that’s a good thing! But at the same time, it’s important that you are genuinely being honest about this. Why? Because this hurt of your dented ego can be adding significantly to the hurt caused by being dumped.

If you want to get over the breakup quickly – telling everyone straight away that things gets this pain out of the way so you can begin on the road to recovery. You’re taking the initiative, and even though people may wonder why you were dumped, they can only but admire the fact that you told them what happened outright and didn’t try to hide it to “protect” your ego.

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