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Is money the key to happiness?

In this article, I’d like to discuss why the key to happiness has nothing to do with material things such as:

  • Money
  • A big house
  • Or fancy cars

…but instead has to do with unresolved problems in your life. Understanding this is important because for so many people, finding the key to happiness seems like finding a needle in a haystack. Why? Because when you are looking for something in the wrong places, you’ll never find it.

But I really think money would make me happy!

Some people think they have found happiness, but later on discover that it was only temporary. Happiness that fades is not true happiness. Getting money, your dream car, having your own house, traveling, or getting into different kinds of addiction may make you feel happy.

BUT it only lasts for an hour, a day, weeks, or a few months. These are only temporary fixes that mask the unhappiness and despair inside you.

Indeed, true happiness is what every human soul is searching for. Even if we have all the material things, it still wouldn’t be enough unless we have found happiness.

Ok, so what exactly brings happiness into a persons life?

The key to happiness lies in understanding yourself and how happiness is missing in the first instance and then working towards fixing it. Happiness can be created in your life by:

  1. Healing emotional wounds: Do you feel bad whenever you experience rejection? Are you feeling really low whenever you get criticized? Do you always compare yourself to others and wish you were them? If you answered yes to all these questions, chances are that you lack self-confidence. You feel really bad in these situations because you are emotionally sensitive.

    If you use temporary fixes to deal with some flaws in your personality, experiencing true happiness will be quite impossible to attain. You need to cure your wounds instead of using temporary fixes. Unless your wounds are healed and your unmet needs are fulfilled, one cannot be truly happy.

  2. Fulfilling unmet needs: Not achieving our goals can get in the way of feeling true happiness. Like emotional wounds, unmet needs can make us unhappy and we can never be truly happy unless they are fulfilled. You need to set about fixing unmet needs rather than trying to wall-paper over them using temporary fixes or by thinking that money will fix them.

Will “positive thinking” make me happy?

While some say positive thinking is the key to happiness, it can become a deceiving technique too and end up being a temporary fix to happiness. You are only deceiving yourself that you are happy when you still have emotional wounds and unmet needs.

Yes, positive thinking can help you feel good despite having them in your life. But you cannot deny the fact that you are not truly happy when there are wounds that aren’t healed and needs that aren’t met yet. You must work towards fixing them first if you want to achieve happiness.