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Why do I hate people?

Do you hate people in general?
Or hate a specific person?
Without really knowing why?

Everyone is familiar with the feeling of hatred and has felt it at least once in their life. When someone you hated experienced success, was around you, or even just had their name mentioned it filled you with anger and disgust.

Perhaps this person bullied you or was responsible for a lot of pain in your life. Nonetheless, the source of that hatred rests in you and actually reflects a weakness on your part.

YES! You read that right!

Hatred is a weakness. People only choose to hate when they have no other option available to them. If you had another option, or were stronger, you wouldn't have chosen to hate them. 

Read on to understand what I mean...

What drives people to hate someone else?

Hatred is your subconscious mind’s final resting place after every other option to deal with someone has been exhausted. For instance, lets take a situation of bullying. If someone continually bullies and intimidates you, some of the options you have to deal with this person are:

  • Challenge and defeat them in front of others: This will change the nature of your relationship and prevent them from continuing to bully you. But suppose you simply can not best this person? Your next option is to:

  • Confront Them: Confront them assertively and make it clear that the situation in unacceptable to you. But again, suppose this person simply doesn’t listen or care? Then you may find yourself staring at this seemingly final option:

  • HATE THEM! After all other options seem to have failed all that remains is the subconscious feeling of hatred.

Hatred As A Weakness

Hatred is a reflection of a problem with the hater, not with the target of their hatred. In the previous example, if you had possessed more power in the relationship then you wouldn’t have been reduced to hating the bully ...but would have found another way to resolve the issue.

Hatred is a subconscious tool that is used to create distance between us and those who we deem to be a threat to our mental and physical well being, especially when we feel we don’t have any way to defend ourselves.

The next time you begin to feel hatred towards someone take a moment to consider what kind of weakness is motivating your hatred. The answer to this question may reveal a new truth about your character that had previously been hidden and expose an inner weakness.

The Power of Forgiveness

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to forgive someone you hate?

The reason for this is that you fear you will appear weak and exposed. If you feel confident and sure about yourself as a person then you are free from these fears and free to forgive someone easily, they can take it or leave it.

In other words the power to forgive comes from within and the more powerful you feel the more you can forgive. The kind of inner power needed to forgive can differ from situation to situation. At times it may require higher self esteem and at other times you may need to heal an emotional wound.

Nevertheless, in all cases developing strength of character and a balanced emotional outlook will help you forgive the people you have hated. And this allows you to stop hating that person or persons.