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Why Do People Hate Me?
(3 Reasons That Have NOTHING To Do With You!)

Are you worried and hurt because you are hated?
And feel like nothing you do can fix this?

It is an unfortunate fact that we do not live in a perfect world. And as such, just as there will be people who love you in this world ...there will also be people who hate you.

The problem is that many of us aspire to live in a perfect work and thus aspire not to be hated, by anyone. So when we discover that there is someone who hates us we feel hurt and we instantly seek to remedy the situation by making changes to ourselves. We mistakenly believe the problem, and the power to resolve it, must lie with us.

This is NOT the case. The problem doesn't always lie with the person who is hated ...but is usually with the hater themselves. Reading this article will help you understand the true reasons that motivate hatred and make you a target for others’ hate. Upon further reading you will see that being hated does not in and of itself mean that you are a bad person at all.

The Relationship Between Insecurity And Hatred

Are you aware that hatred is often driven by feelings of insecurity?

Here's why...

People often direct negative and hateful feelings towards people they see as threats. For example, a colleague may express hatred towards his highly skilled co-worker for the simple reason that they view this co-worker as a threat to their career. This applies to many situations where hatred is found. People hate others because they feel that:

  • Their status,
  • Their goals,
  • Or even their general happiness threatened.

Consequently, when someone hates you it doesn’t reflect your lack of value but rather your high value and the large impact you may have on that person’s life. Their hatred is a reflection of their own personal weakness and lack of self esteem. If they were more confident and self assured then they wouldn't feel the need to direct any of their emotional effort towards you.

Why Do People Hate Me? - 3 Weaknesses That Drive Hatred

  1. Jealousy: One of the primary motivations for hatred can be jealousy. Experiencing success in areas where someone else has struggled can often drive them to feel jealousy and resentment towards you. If left unchecked - it may develop into full blow hatred.

    Regardless of whether the achievement was in your professional or personal life the result will be the same: the person’s jealousy will fuel the fires of his hatred towards you. Again, ultimately the root of this hatred is NOT in your character ...but in this person’s lack of self confidence and self esteem. If they felt a positive sense of self worth in their own accomplishments and confident in their ability to achieve more, then they would support you rather than burn with jealousy and hatred.

  2. Lack of Social Approval: While much of people’s hatred is directed at their rivals and close peers there is also the case of people directing hatred at someone who has little interaction with them. When someone feels ignored they will often take it as a slight against their status and hate the person who they feel is overlooking them.

    These people have a strong need for social approval and when you do not give it to them they will hate you for it. This person’s mental and emotional balance is easily upset because they lack self esteem and self validation.

  3. Conflicts of Interest: If you and another person have directly conflicting interests it is also possible that the person will feel hatred for you. However, not all situations with a conflict of interest must result in mutual hatred and contempt!

    Those who lack confidence in their abilities and value will view open and natural competition in a negative light. Rather than see an opportunity to rise to the occasion they will feel hatred towards their rivals and try to bring them down. A more confident and assured person focuses on their goals and not on hating those who also compete for them.

So how should you handle these people?

In one sentence - Treat their hatred with pity!

Not all people in the above situations will experience feelings of hatred. The people who end up with feelings of hatred in these situations arrive at them due to weaknesses in their character and low self worth. Thats why people hate you.

So, rather than engage in these negative feelings it is much better to rise above them and regard them with pity. Most important of all is to realize that having hatred directed at you does not always mean that the problem lies with you.