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How Hollywood Artificially Magnifies Your Breakup Pain (And How To Stop It!) 

Without doubt, Hollywood (and the media in general) have one of the most negative impacts upon us when we get dumped.

What do I mean by this?

Well, I’m sure you’re familiar with concepts like: 

  • “I cant live without you”
  • “I will never be the same without you”
  • “You are the only one for me” etc etc

These are concepts which we have become indoctrinated with from the movies we watch and the songs we listen to …ever since we were children.

Why does Hollywood do this?

I think Robert Redford said it best when he said:

“Hollywood is a business – make no mistake about it”

And core to every business is …MONEY.

And because of this, the way things are portrayed on the big screen is not necessarily how things really are …but a version of them that allows Hollywood to make the most money from them.

If the real version of things doesn't make them money ...then they give us an alternative version of things ...a version they can make more money from.

And nowhere do we see this as much as with the subject of love

Love as portrayed on the big screen not how love really is. 

On the big screen (and love songs) we are bombarded with ideas about how we should chase down “The One” from one end of the earth to the other. We are thought that nothing matters more than getting “The One” …and that when we get “The One”, all of our life problems will be solved.

These ideas on love stir up more emotions in us ...then talking about normal everyday couples going about their ordinary life together. And because they stir up emotions in us, they make us feel good ...and hence, we keep coming back for more. 

And when we do that …Hollywood keeps making the big bucks.

False teaching on love …can lead to massive pain

The problem is that when we get dumped, the manner in which Hollywood has programmed us leads to a significant increase in the amount of pain than we would otherwise feel.

We have been programmed into thinking :

  • “I cant live without you”
  • “I will never be the same without you”

…which only adds to our pain …making us feel even worse at having been dumped.

These ideas have become our beliefs simply through their continuous repetition in movies and love songs. This has such damaging effects on a person that they can become totally depressed after a breakup because he/she thinks they lost “The One” ...and nothing is more important in life than having "The One". 

So what can I do?

What you need to do right now is understand how you have been programmed like this. This is the first step on the road to undoing the portion of your current pain that Hollywoods programming effect on love is responsible for.

I'm not saying that you should banish such movies and songs from your life. What I am saying is that you need to be aware that the ideals portrayed in such movies are not real life representations. Such movies and songs when watched and listened to like this can indeed be enjoyable - after all they are trying to instill positive emotions in us.

However right now while you are trying to get over someone you love - you should refrain from indulging in them. They will only increase your negative emotions ...making them harder to cope with.

A healthy course of action is to listen to songs that endorse the opposite ideas of love and life. Songs that empower you to move on and get over adversity. These songs are more rare but they ARE out there ...and will give you a healthier approach to getting over someone.

What else can I do to undo Hollywoods programming effect?

In my book “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology” …I devote a section on how to undo Hollywoods disastrous programming effect on love that you can recover from your breakup in a much shorter space of time than would otherwise be the case.

After reading it (and viewing the 5-part video course that comes with it on how to remove the love you have for your ex using NLP), you will be like one of those people who can get over a breakup quickly …rather than someone who has to endure months (and even years) of intense pain after a breakup.