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7 Break Up Lines ...You Should NEVER Use

The key to a good break up line is not to use the overused ones we have all heard on TV.

This is an easy mistake to fall into. The problem is that when you give these, it can make the person feel disrespected because it sounds like you don’t care enough about your partner to give them a more personalised reason for the break up.

You’re just giving some rehashed version of a line that everyone knows ...and so the person on the receiving end is only made to feel worse.

So What Break Up Lines Should I Use?

Ideally none. You should speak from the heart when breaking up – not give rehearsed lines.

This way it sounds more genuine and the person is more likely to believe your reason for the breakup and consequently have something more concrete to get over the break up with. And also something to use to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

By avoiding the following common break up lines, you stand a better chance of not hurting your partners feelings and consequently are more likely to keep them as a friend afterwards:

  1.  “I love you but I am willing to let you go.” This sounds like a contradiction. And it is. If you really loved them, why would you break up with them? Don’t confuse your partner like this in a vain attempt to try and spare their feelings.

  2.  “It’s not you, it’s me… I am the problem.” The person saying is trying to take the blame for the relationship that is failing. It sounds like a very mature step of admitting that his or her flaws are causing the falling apart in the relationship but it is almost always never believed by the person being dumped.

  3.  “You deserve someone better.” This is like belittling yourself and giving your partner an opportunity to find someone else who is way better than you are. What you’re really saying in saying this is that YOU think you deserve someone better.

  4.  “We need space.” This is not a good line because it can give false hope to the person that you might still get back together down the line. For a person to get over a break up completely, they need to have a full stop put on the break up and not have it linger on over an extended period of time after the actual break up itself.

  5.  “We will be better off as friends.” You are offering friendship; you can no longer afford to give your partner more than that. The reality is that it’s usually up to the dumped person if they want to continue being friends. They may want to or they may want you out of their lives for causing them pain.

  6.  “You are more like a brother/sister to me.” You’re telling your partner that you don’t think of them in a sexual way. The reality is that everyone wants to be thought of in a sexual way to one degree or another. Saying this can possibly damage someone self esteem as well as leave them feeling hearthbroken.

  7.  “I just don’t know what I want right now” You are trying to appear confused and unsure about life. Again you’re providing false hope that you might get back together down the line.

The best break up line is to really be honest about how you feel about the relationship and of the person. Say your piece in a polite but firm way leaving no doubt but that the relationship is definitely over.

Let your partner know that you are no longer happy and that you can’t see a future together. In any case, whatever you say will hurt your partner’s feelings. But it’s the degree of hurt that you can control and hence need to take responsibility for.

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