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Things To Consider When Breaking Up With Someone ...Through Text Message

Are you thinking of sending a break up sms to dump someone? It seems like a very easy way to leave someone, doesn’t it? But is it appropriate?

Relationships in general have evolved through the generations. People now use technology in dating and it has affected relationships in many different ways. Many use their mobile phones during courtship and even when breaking up.

Break Up Sms – The Dumper Vs. The Dumpee

People feel differently about breaking up through text message.

From the dumpee’s perspective

Imagine yourself receiving a text message from your partner telling you that he/she wants to break up with you. How does it feel? Isn’t it outright humiliating? A dumpee who gets dumped via sms will definitely get hurt and feel like he/she was betrayed and disrespected.

More so, the person is left with a lot of unanswered questions resulting in a feeling of resentment toward his/her partner. The situation will be left hanging and the relationship will have no closure.

Despite the pain, a break up sms could be advantageous for a dumpee in the sense that the person will realize that what he/she thought was real was actually fake. There was no real relationship at all because of the fact that his/her partner does not even have the decency and courage to tell him/her personally about the break up.

For some dumpees, it is more difficult to move on from the break up because they have no idea what the heck went wrong in the relationship and they tend to dwell on the bad experience and lose their self-esteem. On the other hand, some people find receiving a break sms as an eye-opener and are even thankful to have found out that they were dating a loser. They’re just glad that things are over.

From the dumper’s point of view

A break up sms is quick to do. All you have to do is type a text message, send it and you’re done. But then, there’s no easy way to break someone’s heart. Whether you do it personally or through text, both will hurt the person you’re breaking up with. However, if you break up via sms, you save yourself from having to see the person’s reaction and you won’t feel any guilt or hesitation about dumping him/her.

It’s rude to send a break up sms to someone you’ve dated for quite a long time, unless the relationship also started through sms. It can be considered appropriate if your partner is very controlling and abusive and would try to make you change your decision if you broke up with him/her personally. Likewise, you can also make use of this option if the person you’re splitting up with doesn’t value you.

Final Thought On Using A Break Up Sms

Considering what people think about it, can we really say that breaking up through sms is okay? Well, I guess that depends on the situation. If you feel the need to avoid any confrontation, violent reaction or emotional outburst, then go ahead and do it.

However, if you believe that somehow the relationship made you feel happy and special, have the courage and the decency to tell your partner personally that you want to end the relationship. After all, you loved and cared for that person once, so show him/her that you value the times you’ve spent together and at least give him/her the respect he/she deserves.

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