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How To Break Up With Someone You Love

In trying to break up with someone you love, RESPECT is key. Having respect for them will make the process run easier. This needs to be the foundation block when you break up with someone you love.

Now, when you break up with them will be hard to a certain degree on you. However, its always the individual that gets dumped that feels the most pain. Therefore, you should be as ethical and as considerate as possible in breaking up with them.

So here's the first thing you need to do...

Be fully committed. You need to be fully committed to that decision with no intentions of ever going back. Make certain you have exhausted all plausible means of fixing the relationship. Once you know things are beyond repair, then having to break up with them may be the only way forward.

What To Do When You Meet Them For The Break Up...

Make sure to follow these 6 points:

  • Prepare A Valid Reason: Prepare a reason as to why you want to break up. It will almost certainly be asked of you. Don’t give any one liner clichés. These can hurt. People want a good down to earth reason. The person may feel disrespected if you give a cliché or use them in the language over the course of the break up talk. Be honest and straight. 

  • Pick The Place: Plan in advance where and when you will tell your partner that you're breaking up with them. You should always do it in person and never via email, phone call or text. Breaking up with someone this way only shows disrespect.

  • Don't Blame Your Ex: Do not under any circumstances give a list of things about your ex that you didn't like. This might only end up in a fight and make an already unpleasant situation even worse. Don’t bring up past events or failings on their part as you would see it.

  • Don't Half Break Up With Them: Don’t give your ex any lingering hopes that you might get back together. This is an unethical thing that some people do. Some people like to keep the door open when breaking up just in case they can’t find someone new soon. Don’t use lines like "I need time to myself" etc. If you break up with someone you love then you owe it to him or her to mark the break up with a full stop with no possibilities ever of a re-conciliation.

  • Keep Things Relatively Short ...For Now: The break up shouldn't be drawn out. It should ideally be over and done with in half an hour. Let the person be alone and let them take in what you have said. You can talk about it again later but be clear in your language that its definitely over.

  • Offer Friendship, But Don't Push It On Them: You may or may not be able to get your ex to still be friends after the break up. They may not want to be just friends initially, however a few months down the line things might be more amicable. If you break up with someone you love, you want to ensure they suffer the least amount possible. Doing it this way has the added benefit of leaving the door open to friendship even though the relationship itself has ended. Respect is key.

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