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How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend – 5 Crucial Points

If you've come to the conclusion that you have to break up with your boyfriend, it’s important to plan it correctly.

Being dumped is one of the hardest things emotionally that someone has to go through. Therefore, respect is key. If you follow that ethos, everything else will fall into place.

Don't Try To keep Him In Your Pocket!

It’s not ethical to break up with someone and then get back together again a week later. If you are about to break up with your boyfriend, then you should have made all plausible attempts to fix the relationship. Make sure that you are happy it’s beyond repair. Some people when they break up with their partner like to keep them in their pocket for a while as a safety net just in case they cant find someone new soon.

This often means that when they break up with their partner, they are happy to leave some lingering hope in their ex that they might get back together again in the future. This is extremely unfair on your ex.

Make sure the break up is a solid full stop on the relationship and don’t confuse the break up by saying lines like "I need some time to myself". If you break up with your boyfriend, you owe it to them not to give false hopes.

Remember - New problems erupt once you break up with your boyfriend!

When you break up with your boyfriend, you'll be ending problems of your relationship that you're glad to get rid of. However, new problems will arise. You are bound to feel some emotional pain as a result of not having a boyfriend anymore and you will miss having someone around.

Be aware that this could happen, but you must still be firm in going through with the break up. Don't give any false hopes to your boyfriend as a safety net to you should you change your mind later. Here are 5 key steps you should adopt when you are about to break up with your boyfriend:

  1. Plan: Plan in advance where and when you will break up with your boyfriend. Don’t break up on the spur of a moment if it "feels right" You're likely not to do it properly if you haven't prepared. Setting down a time and place to do it will also send a clear message to your ex that you're serious about breaking up.

  2. Be firm: He'll almost certainly try and talk you round. You might find yourself not being able to break up with your boyfriend if you let yourself be taken in. This is why it’s important to have your mind made up before going through with the break up. Otherwise your mind will be open to staying together.

  3. Break up with your boyfriend in person: Don’t do it via a friend, a phone call, text message or email. Doing it via these methods is traditionally viewed as a show of disrespect to the person being dumped. If you intend on being friends with your ex later, any show of disrespect now might bar a friendship from developing.

  4. Avoid clichés: Don’t use any clichés like "It not you, its me" These can make a person feel disrespected due to their generalised nature. A break up should be personalised because the relationship was a personal thing between you both.

  5. Have a reason ready as to why you decided to break up: Again don’t use a cliché. Be straightforward talking and above all, be honest. After having the break up with your boyfriend, answer any questions they have in a down to earth manner. This will show you are a good friend too. Don’t expect them to be friends immediately. However showing them respect now, will increase the likelihood of developing a strong friendship later. Respect is key.

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