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How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend - The Dos And Don'ts

Everyone knows that break-ups occur everyday but what is probably not as well known is how botched some of them are. If you would like to know how to break up with your girlfriend so as to cause her the least amount of pain as possible - read on.

Breakups are awkward, painful and draining by their very nature but if you follow some basic principals when you break up with your girlfriend, you can avoid the worst of experiences that I’ve heard from people.

What to do when you break up with your girlfriend

I've gone through what to do and what not to do already on this website regarding when you break up with your girlfriend. Here are some further pointers:

  1. Don't be overly honest: If you've found yourself getting less and less attracted to your girlfriend because she has put on weight, it's not a good idea to say it to her outright. Likewise if you tell her you want someone younger then her, this can make her feel unworthy which could lead her to become depressed. If you don't see a future with her anymore then just say that to her, but don't get on her case about things she might be insecure about.

  2. Don't suggest break up sex: Sex has a stronger emotional connection with women than it has with men. Therefore, when you break up with your girlfriend, break up sex will only make it more difficult for her to get over you. A clean healthy break up is the best thing emotionally not only for her but also for you.

  3. Do pick a semi public place to break-up: A semi public place will decrease the emotional intensity of the break up on her because there are other people close by in the vicinity. If you both were isolated one on one it would make it that bit more awkward for both of you. It would also likely prolong her efforts of trying to coax you into changing your mind because she has you on your own.

  4. Do let her get some anger out: If she has her say when you break up with your girlfriend - its healthier. This is particularly true if you hope to still be friends after the break up. If she keeps in her anger, it’s more likely to fester creating a grudge in her subconscious against you. Let her have her say but don't let yourself get caught up in an argument.

Exceptions for when you break up with your girlfriend

  • Children: If children are involved, you will have to accept that your ex will always be part of your life no matter what. In such a case, when you break up with your girlfriend, it becomes extra important to keep things amicable. Don't blame the kids in the break up. Only mention them to emphasis the fact that because you haven't been getting on well together, you probably would both be better parents if you were apart.

  • If you live together: If its her place, try and remove your stuff from the place when she's out. This way you'll avoid having to be face to face with her during the physical removal of your stuff from her life. Likewise, if it’s your place, arrange for her to take her stuff when you're out.

    However, its good practise to have one of your friends present at the time to make sure she doesn’t do something to your place in a fit of rage. If you both share the place, consider being the bigger individual and moving out. You were the one that instigated the break up with your girlfriend; therefore it’s on you to make this offer to her first.

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