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How to Dump Your Boyfriend ...Painlessly

Do you want to know how to dump your boyfriend?
But do so in a way where you can still potentially be friends afterwards?

Dumping a guy can be pretty easy if you don’t feel anything for the person or if you feel that the person you’re leaving behind doesn’t deserve your respect.

But if your boyfriend has been good to you, then you’ll probably want to do it in a way that minimises the pain he’s going to feel. This is also a good approach if you want to remain on amicable terms with him and/or his friends afterwards.

6 Steps to Dumping Your Boyfriend in a Nice Way

Here’s how to break it off nicely with your boyfriend:

  1. Meet him: Never break up with a guy through phone, via email, or a text message. It’s generally seen as insensitive, not to mention nasty. Give your boyfriend a chance to hear it directly from you face to face. Invite him in a place where you can talk without distraction or go for a walk in a quiet place where you can be comfortable. Also, make sure it’s a place where you can easily get away just in case things heat up or he tries to make a scene. You both don’t want to be a humiliated or feel embarrassed with what might happen after you tell him your intention.

  2. Explain your reason: Don’t just say that things are over between the two of you and just walk out on him. You’ve probably been together for a while. So, explaining for him to understand is the least you can do. Be honest and tell him exactly how you feel and your reasons for wanting a break up. Remember to choose your words carefully and be sensitive. You might want to practice first alone what you’re going to say and how you will say it.

  3. Take some of the blame: Avoid pointing the finger solely at your boyfriend. Admit that there was wrong on both sides and that it’s just not working out for you. He might counter the blame you put on him but don’t let him try to persuade you to give him another chance. If you’ve made your decision – stick to it.

  4. Allow him to have time to think: Don’t expect him to agree immediately. It will probably break his heart if he’s really in love with you. Don’t expect him to accept what you’re saying straight away. He’s just human and he might need a few minutes to digest what you’re saying.

  5. Listen to what he has to say too: It’s normal for a person to want to explain their side of things. So give him the chance to do some explaining too. Hear him out and never cut him short with a retort or sarcasm. If you’ve already made up your mind, let him know afterwards that your decision is final and it’s already the end of the road. Be firm if a break up is what you really want or else you will get into the same loop again.

  6. Agree if he wants to remain friends: If he wants to stay friends, then agree (assuming you want to too). On the other hand, if it’s you who wants you both to remain friends and he doesn’t, respect that. It should be one of the things you should expect after dumping your boyfriend.

Finally, don’t forget that these steps should not be used to play games with a man’s heart. Learning how to dump your boyfriend in a nice way is still going to cause heartache. So, make sure you’ve thought about it several times before you decide on the exact way to do it.

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