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The 3 Different Categories Of Jealous People

When some people are labelled as jealous, most people think that all these jealous individuals fall into a single personality type. The reality is that there are actually three different categories of jealous people, namely:

  1. Insecure Jealousy: People who feel jealous because of insecurity

  2. Inadequacy Jealousy: People who feel jealous because of inadequacy

  3. Possessive Jealousy: People whose jealousy stem from possessiveness

Love and social relationships are intrinsic aspects of our existence as human beings. This is why it is often the case that when a person perceives an internal or external threat to his/her romantic relationship, that person becomes jealous or insecure.

Examining Jealousy In Detail

Let us examine the three types of jealous people one by one.

  1. Insecure Jealousy: Insecurity often stems from a perceived external threat to the relationship. People who feel insecure in their relationship will often display signs of dependence on their partner as well as extreme emotional outbursts when their needs are not addressed by their partner.

  2. Inadequacy Jealousy: Inadequacy is not synonymous to insecurity. A person whose jealousy comes from feelings of inadequacy does not necessarily perceive an outside threat to the relationship. Instead, a person who feels inept or inadequate often feels like he does not measure up to his partner. Feelings of inadequacy might be at a sexual, emotional, financial or even at an intellectual level. People who are fond of drawing comparisons are especially prone to becoming jealous due to feelings of inadequacy.

  3. Possessive Jealousy: This type of jealousy may often be perceived to be quite infantile. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that it exists and a lot of people display this type of jealous behavior. A possessive person might view his partner as a piece of property that he owns; thus, this type of person has a tendency to try to control his romantic partner.

One Of The Best Advices On Jealousy…

…Don’t keep secrets! While jealousy should not have any place in a romantic relationship, there are times when it can be justified. This is especially true if the threat that the jealous person perceives is actually true.

This is why it is important to be transparent with each other and to be honest about the relationship. Think about the reason for your partner’s feelings of jealousy and ask yourself if you have given him/her a reason to have these feelings – and if you have, you need to promptly address these issues.

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