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Who are the most prone to jealousy – men or women?

Men and women are equally capable of displaying jealousy in relationships, but the question is: who are more prone to jealousy – men or women? Well there are two main things to understand about jealousy in the sexes:

  1. Men are prone to becoming jealous more than women: Several studies have shown that men are more prone to becoming jealous than women. One survey showed that 67% of the time, the reasons for failed relationships and broken marriages can be traced back to the jealousy of the husband or boyfriend.

  2. Men and women become jealous for different reasons: A man’s jealousy tends to be sexually focused while a woman’s jealousy generally stems from emotional connection and relationship stability.

Did you want the other sex to be the most jealous?

The bottom line is that jealousy is a negative behavior that should be eliminated from a relationship. Some people can find their partner’s show of jealousy to be quite sweet as far as their relationship is concerned. Jealousy can be seen as a means of ascertaining that a person is deeply in love with you or vice versa. A show of jealousy may also be viewed as a way of showing that you are important to a person.

Even if it seems to have a positive effect for both parties at the start, it will always eventually result in a negative experience. A relationship that is built on jealousy will never really work out in the long-run. Several arguments will arise along the way as the relationship matures. Doubts and suspicions will arise from both sides and cause one argument after another until the relationship can no longer be salvaged. This is why it is best to eliminate and avoid jealousy in a relationship at all costs.

And Remember…

We all might like to think that it’s the opposite sex that gets the most jealous, but this in itself draws up an important point. People use jealousy as a means of control and of feeling powerful over others. So if you’re trying to make someone jealous – take a look at yourself to see what this says about you.

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