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How To Overcome Jealousy - By Examining And Labeling Your Internal Issues

In overcoming jealousy in relationships, it’s important to understand that you didn't get jealous because your partner spoke with that other person.

Instead, you were jealous as a result of issues related to you. Internal issues such as lack of self belief and self confidence etc.

So it’s my fault I’m jealous?

It’s not your fault per say. Everyone has issues with insecurity from time to time. Even people who seem confident all the time also have these feelings. The problem arises if you let these internal issues affect your external reality such as interfere with your relationship.

So how can you achieve this? Well the best way to tackle internal issues is to first understand that they are there and label them. This way we can identify what we are trying to overcome:

  1. Fear: Fear can include being afraid of being alone, fear of what your friends would say if your partner left, fear that your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't love you etc. The saying "You have nothing to fear but fear itself” tells us how dangerous fear is. It's this fear that can cause jealousy, which in turn can lead to a break up. Its ironic that fearing a relationship will end can itself cause the demise of that relationship.

  2. Self-image: Holding a negative view on your looks or on your personality will damage your self-image. This is closely related to self confidence. If you feel you are bad looking, then when your partner talks to someone you perceive to have better looks than you, jealousy will result.

  3. Self confidence: In overcoming jealousy, you need to realize that what you really need to do is overcome your self belief issues. When you doubt that you're good enough for your partner or that other people would be better, you are feeding jealousy.

Why You Need To Act RIGHT NOW!

If you’re in a relationship with someone and you are struggling in overcoming jealousy then you need to act fast. Why? Well when one partner is jealous, they begin to one degree or another invade their partners private space. Ultimately this will lead to dissatisfaction on the part of your boyfriend/girlfriend who feels they are being intruded upon. And a break up is the result.

Chances are that if your have displayed your jealousy, it has already weakened your relationship even if this isn't evident at the moment. You should never invade the other persons private space unless you've got evidence which proves they are cheating etc.

Jealousy comes from negative emotions. It in turn creates negative emotions setting up a self-reinforcing circle of negativity. Inevitably any relationship that gets caught up in a cycle like this will be destroyed. In overcoming jealousy, don't pick fights and arguments with people. Instead, work on fixing yourself and eradicating the causes of jealousy before they grow.

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