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3 Signs Your Partner Is Jealous ...But Hiding It

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There are several acts and reactions that are signs of jealousy. Of course they will not be delivered directly because jealous people are afraid of showing their emotions towards others …simply because no one likes to be labelled as jealous.

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So if you are not that keen an observer, it may be the case that you are already acting jealous or someone is acting jealous towards you …and you don’t even realize it. In this article, I want to examine 3 not-so-obvious signs that someone is jealous whilst they are actually trying to hide the fact that they are jealous.

Do these sound familiar?

  1. Flattering Words: There are cases where someone is jealous of you but will actually try to hide this by complimenting you through flattering words. For example, your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend congratulates you on meeting a new partner. They may say “I am happy that you found each other.” It might sound sincere, but if they’ve gone out of their way to make such a statement, it’s unlikely that they are genuinely happy for you but would rather that you were not happy with someone new.

  2. A Controlling Partner: Jealousy and control go hand in hand. If he/she is calling you several times a day checking where you at or what you are doing, it is a manifestation of jealousy. In the beginning it might be flattering that they care so much about where you spend your time and with whom …but the reality is that they may be jealous that you have a life outside of them. In time this will only lead to trouble in the relationship.

  3. Anger: There are cases when, instead of showing their fear of losing you or their insecurity towards you, they choose to show anger. It can be observed when they easily get angry even with small things. They are trying to get your attention and that is their way of doing it.


These signs often can’t be seen by others, but only by you yourself. So even if your friends and family think your partner is good for you, if you are getting the feeling that something is a miss – you may be right.

Talk with your partner and try to establish the cause of the jealousy. It will need to be a rational evaluation of the person and not just a surface value examination of the person. If you deny the reality of what’s going on, nothing will be solved and you will end up in the same situation again down the line.

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