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How To Interview And Choose A Therapist That's Right For Your Situation

Seeking a therapist to help us deal with problems in our home, place of work, or community is never an easy thing to do. But when things become unbearable, finding a therapist shouldn't be considered an option ...but rather a necessity. 

If you're feeling like this now, the first question that probably springs to mind is - “Where do I start?. So to help make things easier, follow these steps:

  1. Create your selection criteria: List down all of the important characteristics and services you would like from a therapist. This will help you narrow down your options.

  2. Get a doctors opinion: Ask your doctor about therapists he/she can recommend. Often, doctors can refer you to therapists that have been recommended to them or they themselves have visited.

  3. Get a friends opinion: Ask trusted friends or colleagues for their recommendations and get feedback regarding their interactions. You may also search online for more options.

  4. Narrow your selection: Therapists have different areas of specialization so choose those that specialize in your area of concern. That way you have a better chance of finding the right therapist for you.

  5. Schedule a consultation appointment: Once you have narrowed down your options based on your criteria, call each of them and set up an appointment. This process will help you determine which counselor is best for you. If you’re not comfortable with a particular counselor, you have to find someone else.

  6. Make your selection: Use all of the information you have gathered from your interviews with each counselor in making your decision. Choose the one that best fit your selection criteria.

Tips On How To Interview The Therapist

Interviewing a therapist is the most important step to help you determine the right counselor for you. You have to ask as many questions as you can and be observant of how the counselor interacts with you. Here are things you need to consider when doing an interview:

  • Take notes during the interview so you will have a reference later on for a detailed comparison of the benefits and weak areas of each counselor.

  • Ask about cost, frequency of appointments, and proximity. You have to be candid about how much you can pay or willing to pay. You also need to consider how often they conduct sessions and the location to make sure you can always attend.

  • Ask the counselor about theories and types of approach he/she follows. Inquire about training, accreditation and experience in working with your particular issue. Evaluate what areas you feel are most important.

  • Work out an agreement with the one you chose. Be firm about the goals you want to accomplish within a certain time.

Although finding the right counselor can be tedious, the benefits of a successful search will be all worth it. With the right counselor, you can learn the skills you need in order to live a better life.

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