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5 Things To Consider Before Contacting A Marriage Counselor

Surprisingly, a marriage counselor can help couples of all types – married or not. You can learn skills to strengthen your relationship such as communicating openly, adjusting with individual differences, and problem-solving.

Some couples seek a marriage counselor to strengthen their ties and have better understanding. However, in most cases, couples seek marriage counseling to improve an already troubled relationship. Common issues include the following:

  1. Communication problems

  2. Financial problems

  3. Infidelity

  4. Sexual difficulties

  5. Alcohol/Substance abuse

  6. Anger

And whether or not a marriage counselor can indeed help save troubled relationships, different psychological researches have shown that couples, when they opt for it, enjoy therapy and place a high value on the experience. Things to consider before contacting a marriage counselor include:

  1. Communicate your issues: When seeking a marriage counselor, you must have a clear understanding of your issues first and why you want to seek counseling. It is very important to communicate the issues with a counselor in detail so you will know whether or not that counselor is experienced in dealing with your specific concerns.

  2. Marriage views: You should determine if you want a marriage counselor that shares the same views on marriage as you do. Would you like a marriage counselor that is knowledgeable on broad issues or one that specializes on a particular issue?

  3. Religion: Spiritual or religious beliefs should also be considered if one or both of you are religious. You should find a counselor whose ideas about marriage are in line with your religious conviction.

  4. Distance: Location plays a big factor in terms of therapy attendance. Marriage counseling will be done in a series of sessions, so make sure it is done in a place that’s accessible for you.

  5. The price: And of course, you have to consider the cost of a marriage counselor’s services. How much can you afford or willing to pay for?

How To Find The Right Marriage Counselor

Finding the right marriage counselor can be a tedious task. However, it is extremely important to find a good marriage counselor that can address your particular issues. Take note that you are entrusting the future of your marriage to this person. Things to consider include:

  • Getting a referral from a trusted source can be a wise choice. This will give you confirmation of the capability of that person. However, it is never a guarantee that just because a counselor was helpful to your friend, that they are the right one to help you too.

  • You can always find a listing of potential marriage counselors in the yellow pages of your phone book or you may check the internet for available web sites.

  • Regardless of your source of referral, you should take steps to be certain that you select someone who can help you. You must be comfortable with your marriage counselor and should be someone you can resonate with.

  • Be sure your marriage counselor has the necessary documents like license or certifications which allow him/her to conduct marriage counseling. You might decide to get the most experienced person in your area who would have a Ph.D. and many years of experience.

  • This decision can, of course, be limited by cost concerns. But when you place more weight on the importance of your marriage than the cost of a marriage counselor’s services, any amount of money is worth it to save the relationship.

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