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How To Interview A Marriage Therapist Before Choosing Them

There are instances in married life when both spouses are in need of a third party who is unbiased about their marriage. A marriage therapist is a good option for this third party as they are professionally trained to point the couple to the exact things they should be working on most.

It is important to note that a marriage therapist doesn’t make the marriage work. It is the job of the husband and wife to make their marriage work.

A marriage therapist will only counsel spouses and help them clear issues that are blocking a marriage to become successful.

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Marriage Therapist

Finding the right marriage therapist is an important factor in solving your marriage troubles. You have to make sure that you and your spouse are both compatible with the one you choose to have marriage counseling sessions with.

Here are some things you need to consider before making an appointment with a marriage therapist:

  1. Enumerate the reasons for seeking counseling: Make sure that you and your spouse have a clear understanding of these issues and that you are both willing to communicate these issues to your therapist. You may want to seek the help of someone who has experience dealing with your particular problems.

  2. Consider the particulars of the therapist: Decide whether you and your spouse would prefer a male or a female marriage therapist who is single or married or has experienced divorce.

  3. The therapists own personal experiences: You may want to consider a marriage therapist who has already experienced counseling in his or her marriage. It may help if your therapist has a deeper understanding of your issues as he or she has been through and surmounted similar problems you and your spouse are facing right now.

How much does a marriage therapist cost?

The next thing you need to deal with in finding a marriage therapist is considering how much you are willing to pay. You may want to ask a potential marriage therapist the following questions regarding fees:

  • How much does per therapy session cost?

  • Will the cost per session be based on your income?

  • If a therapy session is missed, how much is the charge?

  • If a session has to be canceled, how far in advance do I need to cancel an appointment?

  • Will the therapist consider your health insurance?

What questions should I ask when choosing a marriage therapist?

Now that you’ve settled how the fees will pan out, you can proceed to asking your marriage therapist the following questions:

  • How long will each therapy session last?

  • How often will the marriage therapist want you and your spouse together in session?

  • Will you and your spouse need to attend therapy sessions together or one by one?

  • Will there be someone who will attend to your needs if a crisis hits your marriage and the therapist is out of town?

  • Over how many weeks/months will the therapy sessions be required?

Final Thought on choosing a marriage therapist

These questions will help you choose someone who is most suited to you and your spouse’s needs. A marriage is a hugh thing to have at stake, so you’ll need to give your choice of person (who can save it) a lot of respect.

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