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2 Signs Your Partners Marital Affair Is NOT The End Of Your Marriage

If you’re having problems with marital infidelity, you are probably confused as to how to deal with your cheating spouse. Actually, there are only two outcomes: either you manage to get over this marital affair ...or you choose to end the marriage.

The thing is though that while nothing can justify infidelity, you cannot really say that all cheaters fit into the one mold. Some people cheat only once, feel remorse for it, and never do it again. Some continue their cheating until caught, while others make unfaithfulness a part of their lifestyle.

What determines if a cheater can be taken back?

Obviously it goes without saying that he should stop the affair and remove that person from the immediate vicinity of your lives. This is a given. But here I want to discuss 2 signs that show that your partners infidelity is not the end of your marriage. Firstly:

  1. The Sincerity Of The Apology: Consider the sincerity of your spouse when he or she asks for reconciliation. If your spouse genuinely wants reconciliation, he or she will have to come to you. Allow him or her to give you an assurance that it will never happen again. No matter how much you think you know your spouse, you can’t really reassure yourself that it will not happen again. So, what you need to make sure of is that he is being honest and sincere and seriously wants to stay with you.

  2. How Capable Are You Of Getting Over This?: Be absolutely sure you can live with the knowledge of your spouse's betrayal before considering reconciliation. It’s difficult to just forgive and forget a betrayal. But at least you have to be willing to forgive. If not, continuing your relationship will only become a cycle of mistrust, unspoken hate, or revenge. So don’t just say you forgive him or her; you have to mean what you say. Just make sure that your spouse understands the damage his or her infidelity caused.

Then USE This Experience

Learn something from the experience. Discover what the root causes of the problem was and discuss how you’ll deal with them. You also need to understand that some things will never be the same again between you and your spouse.

But if you both exert an effort to improve your marriage, in time things will be good again. Find your common ground and strengthen the love that remained in every way possible.

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