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Why Making Someone Jealous Can Actually Make THEM Feel Good

Many people who suffer a bad breakup want to know how to make someone jealous. That someone is of course the ex, whom he or she has not gotten over fully yet. If the break up was a mutual decision, getting the other person jealous is usually not as big a desire.

This shows an interesting point, if you try to make your ex jealous, you’re basically saying that you’re still not over him or her. You may or may not want to convey this kind of message to them depending on your situation but it’s something from a psychological point of view that you might want to keep in mind.

By going out of your way to make someone jealous, you’re actually making that person feel as though they have power over you. So much power in fact, that you are going out of your way doing childish things to get their attention. Do you really want to make your ex feel as though they have this kind of power over you?

So what should I do? I want to hurt them so bad!

As I’ve said, when you go out of your way to make someone jealous you are giving them the power of knowing that you still think about them. But how would it make them feel if they thought you weren’t thinking about them at all and that they meant nothing to you?

By simply ignoring the person, you achieve the goal of getting at them, but looking like a decent and confident person that doesn’t resort to mind games and revenge. In essence it can make you look more attractive and consequently make them jealous that they will never get to be with you again.

So in reality there is really no need to devise a plan to get even with your ex and make him or her jealous over you. Such a plan is only childish and if your ex will see through your mind games. And assuming you want to maintain a level of friendship with your ex despite the breakup, the chances are that if you try to make them jealous, he or she will totally cut off whatever little friendship you have left and lose respect for you.

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