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How To Make Your Ex Jealous …So They’ll Want To Get Back With You

The use of jealousy as a tool to get your ex back can be a double-edged sword. If you overdo it or if the timing of your use of jealousy tactics is not ideal, you could cause irreparable damage which might make your relationship with your ex totally irreconcilable. When used properly however, Jealousy can be a very powerful and effective tool for getting your ex-boyfriend back.

The usual method that most women employ when making use of jealousy tactics is to let their ex see them flirting and having fun with other guys. The problem is that often the woman will overdo it. Shes so eager to make the guy notice what shes doing that it more often than not is blatently obvious to the guy that she is trying to manipulate him.

Manipulative People Are Not Attractive!  

In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology”, I show the correct way to make your ex jealous so that you get all the benefits the jealousy tactic has to offer without any of the drawbacks. If you’re going to be seen flirting with other guys etc, you MUST make it look as though you were never trying to make your ex jealous but that they just happened to stumble upon you having a good time with other guys.

This way the guys dignity isn’t compromised, and so they will not feel as though they are giving into manipulation when they make their move on you to get you before some other does.

Is that enough to get them back?

It could be, but would you really want to base your entire strategy of getting your ex back based on one technique? Another way of making making your ex jealous enough to want to get back with you is to start on a journey of self-improvement. Analyze yourself and your character traits, especially the ones that attracted your ex-boyfriend to you in the first place.

You need to make these traits really stand out whether you choose to start flirting with other men or not. In most cases, you can induce jealousy simply by showing your ex that you have moved on and become a better person after the break-up while he still has not. Basically, you need to show your ex that he is not indispensable in your life.

Your goal is to invoke some feelings of jealousy in your boyfriend without being too obvious about it. You want him to think that the feelings he is experiencing are completely natural because deep down inside, he still secretly longs for you. This is why subtlety is the keyword when you are using jealousy as a “get your ex back” tactic.

Make Him Feel Insecure

Simply show your ex-boyfriend that you are a happy and well-adjusted person with or without him. It might seem a little dirty, but you will want to make your ex feel a little bit insecure about himself.

You want to cause him to wonder why you have already moved on while he still has not.  This will make him realize that he still has lingering feelings of regret after the break-up – and this is what you want to capitalize on.

Over-all, just be yourself and have a positive and happy outlook towards life while making sure that you are visible to your ex-boyfriend. Overly complicated tactics combined with doing something stupid like going out with someone new in the hope that your ex will come running back are always receipes for disaster.

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